Peter wearing his Shorts Outfit

Peter Shorts 2

Peter Shorts 4

Peter is a Gregor Redhead Shorts 5-102 from the Frido production made in 1968.

Peter is a very rare and very early Gregor doll. He was bought for me by my mum in 2004. He has beautiful red hair and brown eyes. His lips are perfect if a little faded. He was re-strung for me by Brenda Walton.

Peter is wearing his original outfit wears a white shirt, grey shorts (reproduction) and ankle socks (reproduction), with a brown belt and his original brown leather laced shoes with heels.

Lisa wearing the Pink Dress

Pink Dress School 2

Pink Dress School 1

Lisa is a beautiful sasha doll. She was originally a Frido blonde side-part girl produced in 1969 but she came to my collection from Shelly’s website already re-rooted by Lisa Hartley. She is a girl with oodles of presence and the fine scratches on her face just add to her character. She has beautiful deep coloured blue eyes and most of her lip colour has long since rubbed away.

Lisa has on a 1979/1982 pink dress outfit which was originally made for a Sasha bruntte doll. The dress has a pink belt and a white collar. It is number 103. The outfit includes white knee length socks and black laced shoes. I gave Lisa a white ribbon to go with the outfit.

I think that Lisa’s blonde hair and colouring matches the dress beautifully.

Pintucks wearing the Girl School Outfit

Schoolgirl 2

Schoolgirl 1

Ffyon is my beautiful Limited Edition Pintucks produced by the Trendon factory in 1982 she is number 3320 and has beautiful teal/gray eyes. She has a human hair wig which parts at the side rather than the usual rooted hair. I always find that she is wonderfully photogenic when she models for me and she always looks wonderful in photographs.

Ffyon is wearing the Girl School outfit from 1984/1986. The outfit was made for a blonde Sasha doll number 114s. It includes a white blouse, grey woven school pinafore with the Sasha logo, white knee length socks (the socks in the photo are not original), black laced shoes, a black school sash and red hair ribbon.

David wearing the Boy School Outfit

David is my handsome puddle eyed Gregor produced in 1972/3. He has wonderful big blue eyes and peachy lips. The neck/leg strings are pumpkin coloured and the ones holding his arms are white. He is a very sweet looking boy who always looks so cute in photographs.

David is wearing the School Boy outfit which was also sold on the gregor doll from 1984/1986. This outfit was made for a Gregor blonde boy doll number 314s. It includes a white long sleeve shirt with the Sasha logo, a red tie, grey woven trousers, white pants, white socks, black laced shoes and a brown belt.

Alberto wearing his Original Outfit

Alberto 1

Alberto 2

Alberto is a handsome boy from the Gotz production made in 1998/9 98-08014.

My Alberto has dark blonde hair, very expressive brown eyes, freckles and a long fringe. He is one of my favourite Gregor dolls. He is a gorgeous gregor and I love having him.

Alberto’s clothing is inspired by the art of Albert Anker (Swiss Artist 1831-1910) who painted the Swiss country people and children. Alberto is very like the Anker painting “School Boy”. Click here to view it.

He wears a brown suede jacket with long sleeves and matching waistcoat. He has ragged well worn linen trousers with patched knees. He wears a striped knitted scarf and hat and matching striped socks underneath his brown worn leather boots with mismatching laces. Alberto should also have a slate and pencil but my Alberto has lost his.

My Alberto has had an accident and his finger tips have been nibbled on one hand but I do not think this detracts from him at all. After all farms are very dangerous places for little fingers.