Sasha Style

The Sasha Style page gives links to the One of a Kind Outfits that I have made for Sasha Doll Style over the past decade. In the main the outfits that I made have been divided into colour families. Colour has always been a very special passion of mine. I love combining colours and seeing how they work together. In my first Sasha Doll Style website that I created using Frontpage, I used the colour families to group the outfits. This changed as I started creating Collections rather than single outfits.

This page will take a while to create but I aim to have two photos of everyone of my outfits that I have made for Sasha Doll Style, as presents for my nieces, as parts of swaps and the few outfits that I have kept or made for my own dolls.

However, after giving it some thought, I’ve decided to keep all of the outfits associated with a Sasha Doll Style Collection together even if some of the outfits don’t fit in with the colour family it has been place with. I think it is more interesting to see the complete collection of outfits together.

The Sasha Doll Style Outfits by Colour

 Sasha Doll Style Clothes by Technique