Murlough Bay

Murlough Bay is a beautiful beach and nature reserve between Newcastle and Dundrum in County Down. The area was made famous by Percy French’s song The Mountains of Mourne …

Murlough 1

Murlough 2

It is a beautiful sunny day and the kids have gone to play at the beach. After putting up their windbreak and setting out their beach stuff Issie relaxes on the beach towel listening to her favourite CD while David decides what he wants to do first.

Murlough 3

Murlough 4

Murlough 5

The sun, sea and sand is too much of a temptation. Starla can’t wait to go and paddle in the water.  “David will you come and paddle in the sea with me” she asks.  “Last one in is a…. oooh, I just adore the seaside…”  she calls excitedly as she heads off to the water.

Murlough 6

Murlough 7

They run down to the water’s edge. “It looks very cold in there” he tells her. “You aren’t wimping out are you?”

Murlough 8

Issie appears. “Haven’t you gone into the sea yet?” she asks “I’m going to be the first one in” and off she goes at a run  “Look at that Starla.”  David points at something lying in the sand.

Murlough 9

Murlough 10

Starla comes over to look at it. “It’s a little dead crab. Look at its big pincher.”

Murlough 11

Starla goes over to get the swing ball bat. She plays with it for a while until Issie calls her over.

Murlough 12

Murlough 13

“Are you hungry yet Starla?” Issie asks.  She has been busy setting out their picnic on the rug. “David what do you want to drink?”

Murlough 14

Murlough 15

David has been really busy building sand castles.  “Will you play with the beach ball with me after we have finished eating?” Starla asks Issie.

Murlough 16

Murlough 17

Starla goes over to look at David’s sandcastles. Hmmm she thinks. David goes back over to play with the sand and starts filling his bucket again.

Murlough 18

Murlough 19

“Will you come back down to the water with me David? I want to go and play in the water again.” Starla says looking down at the waves. “Issie is being boring again.” she says.

Murlough 20

Murlough 21

“Uh, okay,” David says “let me finish what I am doing here then I’ll follow you down.” In the meantime, Issie runs down to the water’s edge calling out as she goes “I’m going to be the first into the sea.”

Murlough 22

Murlough 23

Murlough 24

“I love it here.” Starla says. “It is just so beautiful. Look at the Mourne mountains. Aren’t they amazing?” Issie shouts over to David “Will you please bring me a towel?”

Murlough 25

Murlough 26

“Thanks David” Issie says shivering as she wraps the towel around her to warm up. She heads back up the beach towards their things.

Murlough 27

Murlough 28

But what is this? Someone has been stomping on David’s sandcastles. I wonder who it could have been Issie pondered to herself.

Murlough 29

Murlough 30

Issie settles herself down on the beach towel while she dries out. Who is that sneaking away from the squashed sand castle?

Murlough 31

Murlough 32

David heads back over drying himself off with his towel. “Gosh, I am cold. Who did that? What has happened to my sand castles? Who would do such a mean thing?”

Murlough 33

Murlough 34

Murlough 35

“Me!” Starla giggles as she stands on another sand castle. “Just one more to go. This is so much more fun than building them she squeals gleefully.” Squish goes the castle under her foot. “It is time to go home mum tells them.” As she finishes reading another chapter in her novel. “Will you help pack everything up please.”

Murlough 36

Murlough 37

“Wow, Issie, look over there.” David says tapping her on her shoulder. “Look at the horses riding towards us on the beach.” Everything is folded and packed away ready to carry back to the car. Mum starts taking the wind break down to shake the sand off it and roll it up.”

Murlough 38a

“Wow, the Mourne mountains really do sweep down to the sea, don’t they?”