Monopoly Game

Monopoly 1

Monopoly 2

Monopoly 3

Greg arrives home, drops his schoolbag. and starts his art homework first. Greg loves to draw.

Monopoly 4

Monopoly 5

Monopoly 6

He decides to draw his gargoyle. Greg loves gargoyles and dragons.

Monopoly 7

Monopoly 8

A touch of yellow paint… already bored… he decides to play with his pet lizares and notices his toy soldiers on the floor.

Monopoly 9

Monopoly 10

Monopoly 11

His lizards want all the attention. Greg moves his soldiers into battle position.

Monopoly 12

Monopoly 13

“Hey Greg, do you want to play a game of monopoly?” asks his friend Ron as he walks into Greg’s bedroom.

Monopoly 14

Monopoly 15

Ron sets up the monopoly board, carefully laying out all the money and houses. Greg goes to the kitchen in search of some snacks and drinks.

Monopoly 16

Monopoly 17

“Shall I put another house on Mayfair or Park Lane?” Ron looks at Mayfair and Park Lane and comforts himself with another pretzel.

Monopoly 18

Monopoly 19

“My turn again.” Mark arrives with his football. “Anyone fancy a game?” he asks.

Monopoly 20

Monopoly 21

“Do you want to play football?” Mark asks again. “No, look at all the hotels I have on Park Lane and Mayfair. Let’s finish the monopoly first.” Mark joins in.

Monopoly 22

Monopoly 23

Monopoly 24

Mark throws the dice. “Love the gingerbread men” Ron says. “Would you like one Mark?” “No thanks, I thinks I’ll have some popcorn instead.”

Monopoly 25

Monopoly 26

Meanwhile, the lizards are having some fun. “My turn again” says Ron, reaching absentmindedly for the popcorn.

Monopoly 27

Monopoly 28

“Gosh, it is thirsty work playing monopoly!” as Greg happily relaxes with a drink. “I had a chance until I landed on Park Lane” Ron tells Mark, “Yeah, I’m just glad I got sent to jail!” Having finished their snacks, the boys head off to play football.

Monopoly 29

Monopoly 30

Monopoly 31

In the meantime… the lizards… reach their goal!