Mark’s Adventure

Mark Adventure 1

Mark Adventure 2

It was a beautiful sunny morning so Mark decided to go for a walk on the Cavehill with his mum and their dogs.

Mark Adventure 3

Mark Adventure 4

Mark Adventure 5

It was such a hot day that they paused for Shane and Gillie to have a drink of water in the spring.

Mark Adventure 6

As they walked, they stopped to look back at the wonderful views across North Belfast and the mountains. He stood up on a rock so he could see over the fence but thought it would be more fun if he was higher up.

Mark Adventure 7

Mark Adventure 8

He headed for an old tree. “I’m going to climb up onto that branch mum.” “Okay, but be careful you don’t fall, hold on tightly.”

Mark Adventure 9

Mark Adventure 10

Too late! “Eeeeek! Ouch!” as he thudded onto the grass, narrowly missing a rock. “Are you alright?” his mum asked.

Mark Adventure 11

“I’m fine mum, the grass was quite soft to land on” and unhurt he scrambled back up and sat safely on the branch so he could see further.

Mark Adventure 12

Mark Adventure 13

Mark Adventure 14

Gillie and Shane were ready to move on, so they all headed for the stream so that the dogs could have a drink of water. Mark sat on a rock and looked at the sunlight sparkling on the water. Then he decided to cross the stream so that he could see the waterfall.

Mark Adventure 15

Mark Adventure 16

Mark Adventure 17

He reached the waterfall and looked into the eerie mossy dell. “I’m going to cross over to the moss covered ledge on the other side mum.” “I’ll pass your sandwich and drink over to you.” Mark sat in the shade and ate his lunch, while his mum and the dogs sat on a fallen tree trunk enjoying the sunshine and the sound of the water running over the pebbles.

Mark Adventure 18

Mark Adventure 19

The dell was so peaceful with only the sound of the waterfall breaking the silence that it made Mark think of all the faery tales he had been reading at bedtime. “Can we go home through the old quarry mum?” So after lunch, the walked back along the path following the top of the old quarry.

Mark Adventure 22

Mark Adventure 20

Mark Adventure 21

“Can I go and look at the limestone cliff?” “Be careful, the rocks are very loose on the scree slope.”

Mark Adventure 23

Mark Adventure 24

Mark Adventure 25

Mark Adventure 26

Mark Adventure 27

Then he thought he would just climb a little further. “Hey, look where I am.”

Mark Adventure 28

Mark Adventure 29

Mark Adventure 30

Okay, he thought, right how do I get down from here? “Mum” he yelled waving frantically, “can you help me get down now.” On their way home, Mark stopped to think about the wonderful adventure that he had had.