It Snowed

It snowed overnight and in the morning Cathy and David woke up to a thick blanket of white fluffy snow!

They could barely contain their excitement.

Snowed 1

Snowed 2

Snowed 3

“Wow, David it snowed last night.” “Cathy, lets go out and build a snowman. Wouldn’t that be great fun?” They went out to the garden and David started rolling up a big snowball for the snowman’s body.

Snowed 4

Snowed 5

“Cathy will you make a smaller snowball for the head please.” When she had finished she lifted it onto the top of the body. David patted the snow into place.

Snowed 6

Snowed 7

They stood back to look at it. “I shall go and find some twigs for the arms” Cathy told David, while you are working on the face.

Snowed 8

Snowed 9

“Cathy, I’ll go and get a carrot out of the fridge for his nose. I think it needs to be quite a small carrot.” “It needs eyes and a mouth David, what do you think we should use?”

Snowed 10

Snowed 11

David found two pebble for eyes and a twig for the snowman’s mouth. “Cathy will you go in and find a hat and scarf for the snowman to wear?” She nodded, and he heard her calling “mum, we need a hat and scarf, which one can I use?” She came back out and handed the scarf to David to hold and pulled the hat onto the snowman’s head to keep him warm. The colour looked nice with his eyes.

Snowed 12

Snowed 13

“Wow Cathy, I love the jaunty angle of the hat. It looks really cute.”

Snowed 14

Snowed 15

Snowed 16

“What do you think of the scarf Cathy?” “I think the snowman looks great” she replied. “Isn’t it fun to have snow!” “What do you want to do next?”

Snowed 17

Snowed 18

They looked at the snowman for a little while and then David said, “I shall go and get the sled from the garage.”

Snowed 19

Snowed 20

David came back pulling the sled behind him. “Do you want to have a rid Cathy?” Cathy in the meantime had had other ideas. She picked up some snow…

Snowed 21

Snowed 22

Made it into a snowball and threw it at David.

Snowed 23

Snowed 24

Snowed 25

They had fun throwing snowballs at each other for a while.

Snowed 26

Snowed 27

“I’ll sit on the sled first David.” He pulled her along through the snow.

Snowed 28

Snowed 29

Then she dragged the sled up to the top of a small slope and sat on it. “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee…” as she whizzed down towards David. “Gosh that’s fun” she gasped breathlessly.

Snowed 30

Snowed 31

“It’s my turn next” David said.

Snowed 32

Snowed 33

Snowed 34

“The snow is really deep” Cathy said to David as he sped towards her. “I wonder how deep the snow is. Do you think it will still be here tomorrow? I hope it will.” “Wouldn’t that be fun!”

Snowed 35

“What have you got in your hand Cathy?”

Snowed 36

Snowed 37

“I am cold, I’m going to to in and see if mum will make us some hot chocolate. Are you coming Cathy?”

Snowed 38

Snowed 39

“That was great fun! I can’t wait to go out again as soon as I have warmed up.” They headed indoors leaving the snowman behind in his winter wonderland.