Halloween Party

Halloween 1

Halloween 2

Halloween 3

Pippi and Ron are having a Halloween Party for their friends Mark and Tania. Pippi carries in a pumpkin that Ron has carved. She puts an apple pie in the oven for later.

Halloween 4

Halloween 5

She has the pizza and quiche ready for the oven. Ron comes into the kitchen. “I’m going to make a wizards hat” he says.

Halloween 6

Halloween 7

He has cut the pieces out in his bedroom but wants to make the hat at the kitchen table where there is more space.

Halloween 8

Halloween 9

“That looks like fun” says Pippi looking over from the sink.

Halloween 10

Halloween 11

Ron is ready to start sticking the stars onto his hat so Pippi comes over to see how it looks. Meanwhile, the kittens are play fighting in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Halloween 12

Halloween 13

Halloween 14

“I am finished, how do you think I look Pippi?” “Wizard!” she replies. Pippi has some Halloween bunting for decorating the kitchen for their Halloween party.

Halloween 15

Halloween 16

She hands the bunting to Ron, “will you help put it up above the stove, please?” “No problem! I’m really looking forward to the party.”

Halloween 17

Halloween 18

Halloween 19

Ron sticks it up with some tape. “I really like your hat Ron, I think I’ll make myself a witches hat.” “Pass me a chair please, Pippi” Ron asks.

Halloween 20

Halloween 21

“It needs to be a bit higher,” Pippi tells Ron. Pippi then returns to the kitchen table to finish her witches hat.

Halloween 22

Halloween 23

Halloween 24

“Something smells good” Ron says as he fiddles with his radio. The apple pie is ready. “Ooh, can I have a slice?” asks Ron. “No, it’s for later” she replies.

Halloween 25

Halloween 26

“But we can have a cup of tea now” she says and brings over the teapot and a bowl of fudge she made earlier.

Halloween 27

Halloween 28

Halloween 29

They give the kittens some milk too. “Mmm, lovely fudge Pippi, very moreish” says Ron.

Halloween 30

Halloween 31

Just then, Mark and Tania arrive for the party. We made you broomsticks they say, “aren’t they cool?”

Halloween 32

“Wow, that fudge looks yummy,” Mark says as he takes a piece.

Halloween 33

Halloween 34

Halloween 35

Ron and Mark are racing around the kitchen on their broomsticks. “Please be careful, one of us could get burned on the stove” Pippi says, as she opens the oven to check the quiche and pizza.

Halloween 36

“Mine is a Nimbus 2000!” says Ron. “I’ll beat you in a race then,” says Mark “mine’s a Firebolt!” “Typical boys” says Pippi.

Halloween 37

Halloween 38

The boys race around the kitchen. “Will you two go outside and give us some peace!” Pippi tells them.

Halloween 39

Halloween 40

Halloween 41

“Lets make masks for wearing tonight when we go out to trick or treat” “Great idean Pippi, they’ll look great with our costumes.” Those pesky kittens are at it again!

Halloween 42

Halloween 43

The boys come back inside, all puffed out. “I won!” boasts Mark. “In your dreams” retorts Ron. “Look what we have been making” says Tania “we’ve made masks for you too!” “Great, any chance of some grub?” asks Ron.

Halloween 44

Halloween 45

They all tuck into the food. “Pizza’s my favourite” says Tania. Pippi likes quiche. But the crisps and fudge are finished first! “Would you like some apple pie?” Pippi asks. “We’re too full,” the others groan!

Halloween 46

Halloween 47

After tidying up, they dress up to go trick or treating. “I’m a warthog” says Mark! “Do you like my pussycat mask?” asks Pippi.

Halloween 48

Halloween 49

“Halloween is coming… and the goose is getting fat… will you please put a penny in the old man’s hat… if you haven’t got a penny then a halfpenny will do… if you haven’t got a halfpenny… then god bless you…” they chorus.

Halloween 50

Halloween 51

The kittens have the run of the kitchen. Mark and Ron race ahead leaving the girls to carry their pumpkin buckets. “Stay together” mum warns them “don’t rush ahead where I can’t see you.”

Halloween 52

Halloween 53

“I’m sure I got the most!” brags Ron, as they all troop into the kitchen.

Halloween 54

Halloween 55

“I think Pippi has the most” says Tania. “It can’t be you Ron, you’ve eaten most of yours!” teases Mark.

Halloween 56

Halloween 57

“I think we should empty our buckets out on the table” suggests Ron “and share out the sweets and chocolate bars.”

Halloween 58

Halloween 59

“I thought he’d say that!” giggle Pippi and Tania.

Halloween 60

Halloween 61

Tania and Mark bring out the basin for apple dunking. Mark tries first.

Halloween 62

Halloween 64a

He gets wet dunking, while Ron tucks into yet another chocolate bar. “Me next!” Tania and Pippi tell Mark.

Halloween 64

The fun continues until Tania and Mark’s mum arrives to take them home. “We had such a great time, thanks so much, see you at school on Monday.” “Thanks mum” Pippi says after they close the door, “we had such a great time!”

Halloween 65

Have a very spooky Halloween everyone!