Easter Egg Hunt

Mum has hidden nine little easter eggs and a golden bunny in the Sasha garden. But where is the golden bunny hiding?

Easter 1

Easter 2

Katie has found a basket. “Let’s go and look for the easter eggs” she says to Poppy. Once in the garden they decide where to look first.

Easter 3

Easter 4

Marks comes into the garden with his bucket and rake. “What are you two up to?” he asks.”We’re on an easter egg hunt” they tell him “do you want to help?” “Great” and he enthusiastically joins in the search.

Easter 5

Easter 6

Easter 7

“I’ve found a pretty blue one”, giggles Katie, “and it matches my dress.”

Easter 8

Easter 9

“I see a gold one” Mark calls out, “it is in an awkward place though.” Poppy looks across at Mark. “I am glad you found that one, I wouldn’t have wanted to spoil my dress” she says primly.

Easter 10

Easter 11

Easter 12

They all continue searching for the eggs and the elusive golden bunny. Poppy finds a pretty pink egg. Secretly everyone hopes they will find the golden bunny!

Easter 13

Easter 14

“I’m going to count the eggs” Katie tells Poppy and Mark as she sits down on a moss covered rock. “I’ve found two red eggs” Mark calls. He carries them over to her. “Put them into the basket Mark.” “That’s 7 then, we still have 2 more and the bunny to find. Mum said she hid 9 eggs as well as the bunny. I wonder where the bunny is?”

Easter 15

Easter 16

They continue the hunt. “I’ve found it, I’ve found it, the golden bunny” squeals a delighted Katie. Marks comes over to look into the basket. “I’ve found the last two eggs” and he drops them into the basket.

Easter 17

“Katie can I look at the golden bunny?” Poppy asks.

Easter 18

Easter 19

Still clutching the golden bunny Poppy tells Katie “I’ll carry the bunny for you” and she heads for the house. “We could carry the basket between us” Mark says to Katie. “It is quite heavy isn’t it?”

Easter 20

Easter 21

Katie sits on the floor “I’ll start sharing out the eggs.” “I am sooooooo tired” Mary says as he collapses into the nearest chair. “What have you been up to?” Poppy asks suspiciously. “I went for a really long walk with Gillie and Shane yesterday. We walked around the old quarry. I was climbing trees and everything! It was great fun. Even brought a snack with me.”

Easter 22

Soon, they are all eating chocolate and chatting happily with each other. “Don’t eat all that chocolate at once” mum tells them. “The golden bunny is just too pretty to eat yet” Katie says as she puts it on the mantel piece. “I’ll put it over here so it doesn’t get mixed up with the others. I don’t want someone else to eat it by mistake!”