Christmas 1

Pippi, Rowena and Ron are very excited because it is Christmas Eve.

Christmas 2

Christmas 3

“Ron, it is time to go to bed, you look really tired.” Pippi tells him. “What is Rowena doing?” he asks. “I’m making a snack for Santa. I’ll leave it on the hearth by the fire so that he will see it when he comes down the chimney” she tells him.

Christmas 4

Christmas 5

Christmas 6

All the children are snug in their beds. Rowena and Pippi have fallen asleep cuddling their teddy bears. But not everyone is asleep! Ron and Squirrel are now counting sheep. It is difficult to fall asleep, they are much too excited.

Christmas 7

Christmas 8

The lounge is quiet and tidy ready for Christmas Day. With a faint tinkling of sleigh bells outside, Santa arrives carrying a bag of presents.

Christmas 9

Christmas 10

“Oh what thoughtful children” he says to himself as he settles down in the armchair to enjoy his snack. He has such a busy night ahead of him. He quickly starts filling the stockings that have been hung from the mantel piece.

Christmas 11

Christmas 12

Christmas 13

When he has finished he tiptoes into each of the bedrooms and silently leaves a stocking at the foot of each childs bed. Then, in a twinkling, he is off to the next house. Of course, Ron is the first to wake up at 5:00 in the morning. He can’t wait to see if Santa has been. He finds his stocking.

Christmas 14

Christmas 15

Christmas 16

He has such lovely presents. “Wow, Santa must have received my letter because the penknife and compass I really wanted are here.” This is so exciting. Squirrel isn’t too sure about the tiger. Having looked at all the toys in his stocking he goes downstairs and rummages under the Christmas tree until he finds one of his presents. “Really Ron,” Pippi says, “you should be dressed by now.”

Christmas 17

Christmas 18

“Look what Auntie Flo gave me. Isn’t she pretty?” Rowena says. “Here is one of your presents Pippi” says Ron as he passes it to her.

Christmas 19

Christmas 20

Pippi sits on the floor near the Christmas tree and they continue opening their presents. “Auntie Flo got me a red haired doll, Rowena, isn’t she just beautiful?”

Christmas 21

Christmas 22

“Look at this she says” as she holds up a string puppet. “Isn’t it just perfect?” The kittens are playing in the discarded wrapping paper when squeals of delight fill the room as Ron, hardly able to breathe, opens his new laptop computer. “Mum and dad bought me the computer I wanted and there are a couple of games. This is soooooo cool!”

Christmas 23

Christmas 24

Pippi and Rowena quickly opened their presents from mum and dad. “Our own instruments” Rowena whispers. “What shall we play?” “I know ‘Away in the Manger'” Pippi tells her as she starts to tune her violin.

Christmas 25

Christmas 26

Rowena opens her music book at Away in the Manger and props it up against her pile of presents on the table. “Thank you mum” they chorus, as she collects up the torn wrapping paper and goes into the kitchen to baste the turkey. “What did Santa leave you in your stockings?” mum calls from the kitchen.

Christmas 27

Christmas 28

“Isn’t Christmas fun” Rowena says to Pippi as they settle down for a game of chess before dinner. Ron is lost in a world of riding dragons and saving the world, if he can just get to the next level!

I wish all the visitors to Sasha Doll Style a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

My Inspiration

The inspiration for my Sasha Christmas story came from the poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ poem by Clement Clarke Moore 1779-1863.

Christmas 29

'Twas the Night before Christmas'