By The Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night 1

Twelfth Night 2

“What are you doing Katie?” Olwyn asker her. “I’m setting up the game of Cluedo that I got for Christmas. Would you like to play?”

Twelfth Night 3

Twelfth Night 4

“Oh, I think that sounds like fun.  Will you play with us Sandy?  We need more than two players.”  “Definitely, give me a moment to put away the hoover and I will be right with you.”

Twelfth Night 5

Twelfth Night 6

“I think I’ll get my new teddy bear to give me some help as you have Daisy with you Katie.”

Twelfth Night 7

Twelfth Night 8

“We have everything set out Sandy” Olwyn called over, “and Katie has taken her move already, are you ready yet?”

Twelfth Night 9

Twelfth Night 10

“Brill, mmmm which cards do I have…”

Twelfth Night 11

Twelfth Night 12

“So what do you think Teddy?” Olwyn asked.

Twelfth Night 13

Twelfth Night 14

“I think I might be able to guess soon” Sandy told the girls.

Twelfth Night 15

Twelfth Night 16

“You can’t possibly know yet Sandy…” grumbled Katie.  “I haven’t a clue yet.”

Twelfth Night 17

Twelfth Night 18

“It’s my turn next”  Olwyn said.  “These gingerbread men are really scrummy” Katie complimented Olwyn.  “You should try one”.  “Will you three please take the decorations off the tree for me”  mum asked them.

Twelfth Night 19

Twelfth Night 20

“S’pose so… we’re playing Cluedo, we’re not finished yet”.  “Now please”, Mum said.  They all stood up and looked at the tree.  It was so beautiful and they didn’t want to take all the pretty baubles and tinsel off.

Twelfth Night 21

Twelfth Night 22

“It is bad luck not to have the Christmas decorations all taken down and put away by the twelfth night.”  Olwyn told Katie.  “Gosh, you are awfully superstition.”

Twelfth Night 23

Twelfth Night 24

“I’ll start on the tinsel” Sandy told the girls.  “I’m collecting the decorations, do you want to put them into the box, Katie” Olwyn asked.

Twelfth Night 25

Twelfth Night 26

“I suppose we won’t get back to our game of Cluedo tonight.  I’ll put it back in the box for you Katie.”

Twelfth Night 27

Twelfth Night 28

“Can you see any more baubles Katie?”  “I can see the orange one and what about that green one at the bottom?”

Twelfth Night 29

Twelfth Night 30

“I don’t have much more tinsel to take off” Sandy told them.  “You’ve dropped a couple of decorations on the floor over there Olwyn”  Katie pointed out.

Twelfth Night 31

Twelfth Night 32

“Goodness, just look at that tangle of Christmas tree lights.  You are going to be ages untangling them Katie”  “Sandy, will you please help me move the tree outside.” Olwyn asked him.

Twelfth Night 33

Twelfth Night 34

“I’ll wind up these lights Katie.”  Sandy said as he picked them up.  Mum said that she would put the boxes in the attic later on.  Olwyn called them all over to look out of the window.  “Look, its started to snow outside.”

Twelfth Night 35

Twelfth Night 36

Next morning when Sandy got out of bed he could hear shouts outside and he looked out of his bedroom window.  Cathy and Greg, next door, were already outside playing in the snow.  They must have been out there for ages because they had already built a really cool snowman.  “Sandy, are you coming downstairs,”  Olwyn called to him.  “Mark is here.”

Twelfth Night 37

Twelfth Night 38

Mark and Sandy set up the table football game that Sandy had got from Santa at Christmas.  He couldn’t wait to play it.  Olwyn and Katie were not really very interested in football.  Katie was playing a computer game while Olwyn was writing thank you letters to her Aunts and Uncles.

Twelfth Night 39

Twelfth Night 40

“Bet I get the first goal”  Sandy told Mark.  “Nah…. you won’t I am better than you are”  Mark quipped.