Break Time

Break 1

Break 2

The rain was pelting down outside so the children had to stay in their classroom for break time. Katie was showing Isolde her new doll.

Break 3

Break 4

Break 5

Greg brought over the chestnuts that he had found on the Cavehill when he was out for a walk. “Those are really big Greg” Ron told him as he rummaged in his bag.

Break 6

Break 7

Break 8

Mark opened his desk and lifted out one of his chestnuts. He had made a hole in it and threaded a piece of string through it in readiness for a conker fight. Isolde and Katie were chatting about what they had done at the weekend while they enjoyed their snacks.

Break 9

Break 10

Mark joined them to show off his chestnut. “It really is big” he boasted “and I dried it out near the radiator all weekend so it would be extra strong.” Adriel came over to Ron and Greg to see Ron’s chestnut.

Break 11

Break 12

“Are you ready for a conker fight Mark,” Ron called over as he quickly ate his pretzel.

Break 13

Break 14

Break 15

“Okay, but I think mine is better than yours” he replied. Greg was busy giving Ron advice on the best way to swing the conker for maximum impact.

Break 16

Break 17

“Good luck Mark” Isolde said as Mark held up his chestnut and Ron took aim…

Break 18

Break 19

Break 20

Then Mark swung his chestnut hard at Ron’s chestnut. The others gathered around to watch the conker fight.

Break 21

Break 22

Break 23

“I think Mark will win” Katie whispered to Adriel. It was Ron’s turn again. He took aim and…

Break 24

Break 25

Break 26

Disaster struck! Mark’s chestnut had a big crack in the side. Ron’s chestnut was the winner. “I knew Ron’s chestnut was better” Adriel told Katie.

Break 27

Break 28

Mark set his broken chestnut on his desk. “It had won six previous fights” he said rather sadly.

Break 29

Ron, Adriel and Greg were celebrating, when a passing teacher told them to “Keep the noise level down!”