A Day Gardening

Mum asks Mark if he will work on the garden to make it a bit easier to look after.

Gardening 1

Gardening 2

Gardening 3

Mark has asked his friend Sandy if he will come and help him with some gardening. Sandy arrives wearing dungarees and ready for some hard work. He pushes the wheelbarrow into the rose garden.

Gardening 5

Gardening 6

Gardening 7

“Thanks for helping me Sandy,” Mark says to his friend. “I was out here all day yesterday and this morning taking down the old fence.” “No problem” Sandy replies.

Gardening 8

Gardening 9

Gardening 4

They start to spread out the fabric membrane for the path. “I’ll hold it Mark and you pull it at your end.” “I’ve got a wrinkle here at this end” he mutters to himself.

Gardening 10

Gardening 11

Gardening 12

“I’ll grab the bucket and we’ll start to shovel the gravel into it to spread on the path” Mark says to Sandy. “Great idea” he agrees.

Gardening 13

Gardening 14

Gardening 15

“Mark, this is going to take forever” Sandy tells him as he spreads the first bucket, “and we have heaps of gravel to lay.” “You’re right” agrees Mark. “I’ll wheel it over in the wheelbarrow and we can empty it out in a heap and then spread it.”

Gardening 16

Gardening 17

Gardening 18

“That’ll be much quicker” says Sandy. “We’ll be finished before you know it” Mark says, “then we could go down to the park to play a game of football.” “Great idea.”

Gardening 19

Gardening 20

Gardening 21

Once they have the stones spread on part of the path, they start to put the bigger piece of membrane over the rest of the ground where the lawn used to be. “A little more your direction Mark,” Sandy tells him “then I’ll trim it to shape while you are digging.”

Gardening 22

Gardening 23

Gardening 24

Mark manoeuvres the membrane into place and then picks up his spade and starts to dig a large hole. Once it is done, he puts the new shrub in and fills in the soil around the edges. “That looks great” Sandy calls over to him.

Gardening 25

Gardening 26

Gardening 27

“Mum bought some red and white roses at the garden centre yesterday and I’ve had them soaking in some water ready to plant” he tells Sandy. “I thought I would get started on the white roses while you were working on the shrub” Sandy replies. “They do look cool.”

Gardening 28

Gardening 29

Gardening 30

Mark sets about planting the red ones. He starts by digging a hole and mixing some fertilizer in the bottom. Then he places the rose bush in the hole. “Is it straight?” he asks Sandy. “Yeah” comes the reply.

Gardening 31

Gardening 32

Gardening 33

He fills the soil into the hole around the rose and heels it in with his boot. After the roses are all planted they spread the gravel over the rest of the garden. “I’ll water all the roses that we have just planted” Sandy says as he arrives with a full watering can. Then he tackles the tangled azalea. “Careful with that hook, it’s really sharp” Mark tells him.

Gardening 34

Gardening 35

Gardening 36

“We bought a new garden bench but it is really heavy” Mark says to Sandy. “I think it will take both of us to move it into position” Sandy agrees.

Gardening 37

Gardening 38

Gardening 39

“I think I shall sit down for a moment and have my milk shake,” Sandy tells Mark. “I am ready for a break”. “I agree” laughs Mark “but I’d really like to finish this bit of weeding first.” Hannah arrives carrying two ice creams, one for each of them.

Gardening 40

Gardening 41

Gardening 42

“Wow, looking great guys,” she says “mum thought you might like an ice cream, she though you would be warm with all the work you’ve been doing.” “Thanks Hannah” says Sandy as he reaches out for the ice cream. Mark is leaning against the apple tree enjoying a cold drink.

Gardening 43

Gardening 44

Gardening 45

“This is really delicious, what a lovely treat” Sandy says. “Yeah, thanks Hannah” agrees Mark.

Gardening 46

Gardening 47

Gardening 48

“Hey, I could trim the climbing rose for you” Hannah tells them, as she grabs the shears. “Careful with them Hannah, they are very sharp” Mark tells her. “I think we’ve finished, what do you think?” he asks Sandy. “Why don’t you sit in the wheelbarrow and I’ll push you up to the shed? Sandy suggests. “Yeah, cool idea, then you can have a go.”

Gardening 49

Gardening 50

Gardening 51

“You’re going to have to get out here” says Sandy, “I need to get the wheelbarrow over the ivy growing across the path, then you can get back in.” “No, Sandy, you can have a turn next.” Okay Sandy, I’m ready for a game of football, what about you?”

Gardening 52

They head off to the park with a ball and mum comes out to see how the garden looks. “What a great job they have done.”