Sasha Stories

Jane and her friends would like to welcome you to their world.

Sasha stories feature my Sasha dolls at home, playing, on walks and on daytrips.

I hope you will have fun!

Disappear into the world of my Sasha Dolls for a little while.





Much of the pleasure of Sasha dolls for me is how they can look like real children and it is great fun watching out for toys, furniture and other accessories that are Sasha sized. This can become quite an addictive pastime. It can take a long time to collect and make all of the props for one of the larger stories. Often a couple of years are spent searching for specific things that I want.

Sasha dolls are wonderfully balanced so that they stand in a very natural way. This is enhanced by having one leg slightly shorter than the other and by the asymmetric design of their limbs.