Sasha Doll Style is Transforming

My goal with transforming the Sasha Doll Style website is to create an interesting, informative, inspirational Sasha site, that I hope you will enjoy visiting and will bring me back the pleasure that I used to have with my beautiful Sasha Collection.

After a lot of thought, I have decided that I want to find the fun, pleasure and excitement that I used to have when I first started collecting the Sasha Dolls and joined Sasha Mart and Sasha-L. To enable this I have moved Sasha Doll Style to a WordPress website which will give me much more flexibility.

I’ll be writing blog posts about my inspiration behind the Sasha doll collections and how I plan and make the sets for the stories and other Sasha related things that pique my interest.

Gregors garden 9

I’m recreating the Sasha Stories and there will be a couple of new ones, as my 8 year old niece recently pointed out to me, they have said coming soon for rather a long time now. So now, I am actually writing them!

Nursery Tales 1

One of my greatest pleasures was collecting the original Sasha doll outfits. Some came on dolls, others were bought from Shelly, and most were collected bit by bit as I spotted them on ebay. I’m creating a gallery for those.

Original Sasha Outfit Collection 1

I’ll create a gallery of all the unique and mainly one of a kind, outfits and collections of clothes, that I made for the Sasha Dolls during the last decade.

 Sasha Doll Style outfits

I’ve refocused my Sasha Collection to a smaller core collection of my favourite Sashas, Gregors, babies and toddlers.

Over the years, virtually everything I made for the Sasha dolls was sold, and I only have a few outfits that I kept for my own dolls. So I hope to make a few outfits for my own dolls and will blog about these. I am looking forward to seeing my dolls looking beautiful.

The Reason for the Changes

Two years ago, on Easter Monday, a life changing event occurred. It had been a wonderful Easter weekend, sunny, happy and filled with fun. Easter Monday was a hot day for an April day in Belfast. I had recently bought a set of extension tubes for the camera and wanted to try them out. So we packed a picnic and the camera and spent the morning and early afternoon in the fields at the top of the Cavehill photographing primroses and violets growing wild on the grassy bank and hedgerow near where we were relaxing with our novels and picnic.


On our return home, I received a phone call from my sister, who told me my brother Paul had drowned in an accident at the lake on his farm in Brittany. She asked me to tell mum. Some things in life haunt you forever.

This has been a strange two years, touched by deep sorrow and pain, by periods of over work and times of lethargy, exhaustion and ill health.

But there have also been instances of love and laughter at my sister’s wedding and nieces baptism, summers spent with my nieces, the complete re-organisation of our home so that we are fully utilising every space, and the gradual reclaiming of our garden.

Fox crosses path

Tiny magical moments helped me move forward, sitting on a rock on Cave Hill watching the peregrine falcon hovering high above us, seeing a real live wild badger on Easter Monday 2012, a fox crossing my path, watching a daddy long legs emerge from the ground in transformation from its days in the dark underground eating roots to flight in the air – wriggling legs first.

Time spent sitting on the steps in my back garden late on moonlit nights listening to the hum of the sleeping city and the rustling woodland over the hedge.

The Question Was

Should I close Sasha Doll Style completely or not? I pondered over this question a lot during the last two years.

Old Sasha Doll Style Website

At the time, I “threw” myself  back into the two collections that I had planned for Sasha Doll Style. When the collections were finished and put onto the website, I suddenly felt deflated. I kept intending to start the next collection. I had the sampling and swatching done. But I just couldn’t seem to get started. I don’t know when I will make outfits for Sasha dolls that will be for sale, but never say never.

My Decision

I decided that like that daddy long legs it was time for transformation to take place at Sasha Doll Style.

This is perfectly captured in the words of artist and illustrator Karen Davis in one of her beautiful paintings:

Be Still and Listen. The Earth is Singing.

And with that inspirational thought in mind, welcome back to Sasha Doll Style.

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