Yoke Dresses

Pip wearing the Blue Cord Outfit

Blue Cord 1

Blue Cord 2

Pip is an early doll from 1969 by the Frido factory. Her number is 4-108 and she was sold as brunette “Party” Sasha, but we call her Pip. Pip’s eyes are beautiful and perfect although her lips have faded. She is a rare doll with a brunette side-part.

Pip is wearing the navy blue cord dress, pants, white vest, white ankle socks (missing), navy leather ankle strap shoes with heels.

Jane wearing the Brown Cord Outfit

Brown Cord 2

Brown Cord 3

Jane is my childhood Sasha doll. She was given to me for Christmas in 1968 when I was three. She is a beautiful Sasha who remains my favourite doll and has been played with a lot as she was always my favourite doll throughout my childhood.

More information about Jane.

She is wearing the Frido “Brown Cord” outfit from 1966-69. The outfit includes a brown cord dress with matching pants, a white vest, white ankle socks and brown leather ankle strap shoes.

Sasha wearing her Gingham outfit

Gingham 1

Gingham 2

Sasha is a rare doll because she has a single row of fringe. She was made in 1968 by Frido. Her eyes are lovely with so much hand detail that you can see the brush strokes. Her lips are faded and slightly rubbed. Her blonde hair is nice and thick.

Sasha is dressed in her original outfit. The outfit includes a blue and white gingham dress with matching pants, a white vest, white ankle socks and white leather ankle strap shoes.

The gingham dress was the only outfits produced throughout the Sasha production and was worn by the brunette Sasha from start of production in 1966 to 1975. It was available on the blonde Sasha from 1969 to end of production in 1986.

Kiera wearing the Smocked White Dress Outfit

White dress 1

White dress 2

Keira was originally a lovely Gregor waif from 1969. When I bought him his hair was falling but I made the mistake of washing it afterwhich it came out in handfulls. Keira has double printed eyebrows, her eyes have little handpainted tails on the ends of her eyeliner which gives her a beautiful look. Her eyes have a lot of hand painting and she has perfect peachy pink lips. Lisa Hartley did a wonderful job of rerooting her hair and she became a beautiful side-part redhead with a fine single row fringe.

Keira is wearing the “White dress” outfit. The outfit consists of a long sleeve white dress with red smocking and a ruffled collar, matching pants, a white vest, white ankle socks and white ankle strap shoes. This outfit was made by Trendon between 1973-74. It was called “White Dress” (4-211) and was sold as a separate boxed outfit.

Ariel wearing Smocked Red Dress Outfit

Red dress 2

Red dress 1

Ariel is my beautiful Yamka 08032 made in 2001 by Gotz. She is a truly gorgeous girl with a very fine fringe and long almost black hair.

Ariel is wearing the “Red dress” outfit. The outfit includes a long sleeve red dress, with white elastic smocking and a red ruffle collar. There were two dresses produced for the “Red dress” outfit and this one is the earlier version. The outfit also includes matching pants, a white vest, white ankle socks and white ankle strap shoes.

Kathleen wearing the Long Dress

Green Dress 1

Green Dress 2

Kathleen is a beautiful mid 70’s green eyed Sasha. Her eyes were originally brown but have oxidised to a beautiful deep green. As a child when I played with my Sasha doll, Jane, I didn’t know of anyone else who had a Sasha doll. Then a couple of years ago I saw this Sasha doll for sale on ebay being sold by a seller in Co Down (the doll had come from a house clearance) and I just knew that this doll had to remain in Northern Ireland. I was the successful bidder and Kathleen duly arrived. She has the feathered fringe that I think of as very mid 70’s as a couple of the blonde girls I have owned over the years from this era also had this style of hair cut with the very straight hair. l did touch up this dolls eye brows and eyelids and lashes with acrylic paint as they had started to green as well. She has a beautiful and very individual look to her and some day I hope to add a green eyed brunette gregor to my collection.

She is wearing the Sasha blonde “Long Dress” outfit produced from 1975-1980 as I think that not only is the dress from the same era as my wonderful brunette girl but also the green dress looks very pretty with Kathleen’s dark hair and green eyed look.

The outfit consists of a dark green long dress with white screen printed abstract floral pattern, white underwear, white ankle socks and white court shoes.

Cora wearing her Flowered Dress

Cora Flowered Dress 2

Cora Flowered Dress 1

There were several Cora’s made by the Trendon factory. This is Cora “Flowered Dress” 118 made between 1980 and 1984.

I am very attached to this Cora who is very pretty with her lighter brown skin and very dark eyes. She is very photogenic. I find Angel my earlier Cora to be harder to photograph well.

My Cora came wearing the short sleeved dress with navy background colour and lage red, blue and pink floral printed pattern. She has white pants and brown sandals to complete the outfit.

I think of her as an older sister to Belle my black baby “Little Flower”.

Marianne wearing the Silk Dress

Silk dress 2

Silk dress 1

Marianne is my beautiful Gotz Friends of Sasha Limited Edition redhead girl with gorgeous aquamarine coloured eyeds.

Marianne is wearing my Honey Blonde’s “Silk Dress” outfit made between 1981 and 1984. The outfit consists of a cream silk dress, white vest, cream silk pants, cream knee socks and white court shoes.

Suzy wearing the Cora Cord Dress

Cora cord 1

Cora cord 2

Suzy is my mum’s beautiful blonde Blue Cord girl from 1970. She has gorgeous aqua coloured eyes with perfect if oxidised lips which I think give her a very 1970’s look.

Suzy is wearing the Cora “Cord Dress” (119) which was created between 1985-6 for the Cora dark skinned doll. The outfit consists of a mid blue cord dress with long sleeves and a white collar, a white vest, white pants, white ankle socks (non original in photo) and black laced shoes.

Miriam wearing 20th Anniversary Nr 1 Dress

No 1 Outfit 1

No 1 Outfit 2

Miriam is a beautiful girl who was originally a blonde haired girl with a bad hair cut. She is wearing a lovely human hair dark brown wig which I have styled in a single plait. I have hand painted her eyes using shades of brown and grey to create a one of a kind look. She retains her pretty peachy pink lips.

She is wearing the Blonde (20th Anniversary) “No 1” outfit which was created in 1985. The outfit includes a navy blue cord dress, a white vest, navy blue lined pants, white ankle socks and a blue ankle strap shoes.

Belle wearing the baby Sandy Outfit

Sandy 2

Sandy 1

Belle is my gorgeous black baby “Little Flower” 518 made by the Trendon factory between 1980 and 1983. She is a wonderful baby with dark brown eyes and rosie lips. She much prefers wearing baby Sandy’s dress which she maintains suits her much better. She is holding Ted her favourite bear.

Belle is wearing the “Sandy” baby 501 outfit from 1981-86. It was produced by the Trendon factory. As the name suggests, this outfit came with on my honey blonde baby doll. The outfit includes a brown and white gingham dress, matching pants and brown side snap shoes.

Alice wearing the Toddler Candystripe Dress

Toddler Candystripe 4

Toddler Candystripe 2

Alice wearing the Esther Toddler Outfit

Alice is my brunette toddler originally a Gotz “Esther” made in 2000. When I bought her on ebay she had already had her hair dyed ginger which looked lovely in daylight but in the evening in lamplight her hair looked salmon pink which just didn’t appeal to me. I re-dyed her hair dark chestnut brown. Alice is a very cute little girl and is pictured here with her favourite hippo.

She wears the “Candystripe” (421) outfit which was produced by Trendon in 1986 for their planned toddler doll who was never actually made. The outfit would have consisted of a light blue and white striped smocked dress, white pants, white ankle socks and red shoes. I do not have the socks or original shoes so I have put the baby Rosie knee socks and pale blue t-bar sandals on Alice for the photoshoot. They look great with the dress and I think the outfit looks super on Alice.

Elke 1

Esther 2