Sportswear and Hobbies

Keira wearing the Ballet Outfit

Ballet Outfit 2

Ballet Outfit 1

Keira started off as a 1969 brunette Gregor who I bought because he had such a beautiful face with dreamy eyes with hand finishing on his eyelids. He has pale brown eyes. He was losing his hair when I bought him and it was not too bad to start with but after his hair was washed it became a much worse problem and in the end the hair was cut off and Keira had many personalities with the different wigs she wore (she was Casey in the story Rock Pools).

As this doll had such a perfect face I decided that it would be a very worthwhile subject for having re-rooted. She was sent to Lisa Hartley for re-rooting. Initially it was planned that she would have the same shade of auburn hair as the Frido redheads of the late 60’s. Lisa began the work and then emailed me to say that she felt the hair colour didn’t suit her. She suggested a stronger auburn shade. I had seen Lisa’s work before and trusted her judgement completely. The auburn shade she chose for Keira really suits her. She has a side part and a single row fringe and has become one of my favourite girls.

Keira is wearing the ballet outfit created by Frido/Trendon. The outfit has a white stretch leotard, a white net tutu that snaps on at the front of the leotard, white fabric ballet shoes which tie around the ankles with fine ribbon and a red tartan cape with black trim. The cape is made using the same tartan as my 1969 kilt.

I have always wanted a Frido ballet girl and I think this girl really helps to fulfill this wish in a very unique way.

Matthew wearing the Sport Outfit

Football 1

Football 2

Matthew is wearing the “Sport” 303 outfit, which is actually a football outfit. The outfit was designed and created by Trendon between 1974 and 1978 and would have been worn by a brunette Gregor.

The outfit includes a red and navy striped shirt with long white sleeves, white shorts, white knee socks with red trim and black shoes with white stripes and black laces.

Aled wearing the Tracksuit

Tracksuit 2

Tracksuit 1

Aled my early brunette boy is wearing the “Tracksuit” outfit 806 which was produced between 1977 and 1986 by Trendon.

The outfit was sold as a separate boxed outfit. It consists of a royal blue white trimmed sweatshirt with a front zipper, royal blue track suit bottoms, white shorts and white shoes with black laces and trim. I am missing the shorts from this outfit.

Ruth wearing the Dancing Dress

Dancing Dress 1

Dancing Dress 2

Ruth began as a early 70’s blonde puddle eyed Gregor with a hair cut.

I removed the remaining hair and this waif has been with me since 2003. With such big pretty blue/grey eyes she was always a girl to me. I have always like the waif dolls as I enjoy giving them different looks and personalities with wigs. This doll had such a beautiful face that when I was choosing dolls that would be good subjects for re-rooting this one was near the top of the short list.

She travelled to Lisa Hartley who did an amazing job of re-rooting her hair. Initially I intended her to have a single row fringe but just couldn’t decide after I saw a photograph of her without a fringe. Lisa kindly sent her back with a little of the hair so she can have a fringe if I change my mind at some time in the future. I love this girl and think she looks so pretty without the fringe and with her long straight brown hair.

She looks gorgeous wearing the lovely blue dancing dress. The Trendon Dancing Dress outfit was made for the Sasha Brunette girl 113 (produced 1983-86). The outfit comprises of a light blue sleeveless dress with drop waist styling and a sash that ties at the back. There is a matching light blue hairband. The outfit is completed with white tights and white fabric ballet shoes which tie at the ankles with white ribbons.

I spotted the little ballet bear when I was wandering around the Harrods shop at Gatwick Airport while waiting for my flight home. Thought it was just perfect for Sasha.

Steffi wearing her Wintersport Outfit

Wintersport 2

Wintersport 1

Steffi is a very rare Sasha doll. There were only 400 of the “Wintersport” 130E dolls made. They were produced by the Trendon production line in 1986 just before the factory closed.

She is a very pretty doll with lovely clear blue eyes and a long blonde hair.

Steffi’s “Wintersport” outfit includes a white sports top with red trim and a front zip, white t-shirt, white ski type trousers with red trim, white pants, a navy knitted hat with red trim, white shoes with black laces and a white hair tie.

Sandy wearing his Hiker Outfit

Hiker 2

Hiker 1

Sandy is another very rare doll. There were less than 400 of the “Hiker” 330E Gregor dolls made. They were produced by the Trendon production line in 1986.

Sandy is a very handsome boy doll with short sandy coloured hair and blue eyes.

Sandy’s “Hiker” outfit includes a blue and white long sleeve gingham shirt (I have both the version with the pocket and without the pocket), white trousers, white pants, red and white stripped ankle socks, blue denim shoes with white laces and trim and a blue denim cap. The outfit also includes a blue denim backpack with leather straps and a royal blue sleeping bag.

Gotz Boy Scout Outfit

Boy scout 2

Boy scout 1

The beautifully made Gotz Boy Scout outfit consists of: a tan flannel long sleeved shirt with pale front bottons; white and blue neck scarf with brown leather toggle; biege cord short trousers; brown leather belt, with a silver buckle; white ribbed vest; brown felt hat with a brown leather chin strap; white pants; black sewn knee socks; black leather lace up shoes; a brown knapsack with brown leather trim; and a black and yellow felt pennant on a bamboo pole.

Pippa wearing the Winterwear Outfit

Winterwear 1

Winterwear 2

Poor little Pippa is one of my multiple personality waifs. She was originally a brunette gingham girl with falling hair from the early 70’s. She is one of my smallest Sasha dolls with very elfin features and I find that she looks prettiest wearing short hair styles as longer styles seem to swamp her features. She has pretty brown puddle eyes and peachy pink lips. An adorable girl.

She is all happed up in the winterwear outfit. This outfit was created by Gotz. It includes a navy poplin ski jacket front fastening, with a hood lined in white fur and a navy poplin belt with buckle. The outfit also includes red skiing trousers, a white short sleeved t-shirt, black and white leather laced ski boots, a white ribed vest, white pants and white ankle socks. The outfit is completed with wooden and brown leather skis and ski poles made by Ellen Church. They are so beautiful and I feel so privileged to own this set.