Matthew wearing Dark Denims/Jeans Outfit

Dark Denims 1

Dark Denims 2

Matthew is my earliest boy (he is presently awaiting adoption on Shelly’s website). He is a gorgeous Gregor with very dark nearly black hair. Matthew is a Gregor Dark “Denims/Jeans” 5-101 produced from 1968 – 1986 although Matthew was made in early 1968 and has beautiful crudely painted eyes and arching eyebrows.

He is actually wearing Aled’s outfit of dark denim jeans, a navy ribbed polo neck sweater, brown belt, white underwear and white sandals. One of the sandals is the original white leather Frido sandal the other sandal is a reproduction white leather sandal made by Jean Jensen.

Matthew is very handsome with the darker coloured vinyl of the the very early Sasha and Gregor dolls and faded pink lips.

Katie wearing her Kilt Outfit

Kilt 2

Kilt 1

Katie is a gorgeous Sasha blonde “Kilt” dating from 1969. She has a lovely face with delicate hand finishing to her aqua/grey eyes and rubbed faded lips which don’t detract from her at all. She has a full centre part and prefers her hair worn in two plaits. She has quite a deep fringe.

Katie is wearing her own Kilt outfit of a white ribbed polo neck sweater, a red tartan kilt with matching tartan pants, white ankle socks and laced brown leather shoes. Her shoes are the same as the ones worn by Peter (redhead shorts).

Katie is a beautiful Sasha who I love to photograph. She has featured in two of my Sasha stories, Easter Egg Hunt and Break Time.

Mark wearing his London Boy Outfit

London boy 1

London boy 2

Mark is a handsome brunette Gregor made in 1970 and originally purchased in Rackhams in Birmingham, England. He was produced by Frido/Trendon. He came to me with a small puncture wound to his left ear and left arm. He has truly beautiful brown eyes with lovely wispy eyelids. His lips are a little rubbed and faded but I think they suit him.

Mark is wearing the “London” Boy outfit, which was originally produced in 1970. There was also a “London” Girl Outfit from the same period which was worn by a blonde Sasha. My “London” Girl can be seen on the Pinafores page.

The outfit consists of brown vinyl trousers and waist coat, a purple and white striped side fastening shirt, white pants and brown shoes.

Peter wearing Denims/Jeans Boxset Outfit

Peter Jeans 2

Peter Jeans 1

Peter is a Gregor Redhead Shorts 5-102 from the Frido production made in 1968.

Peter is a very rare and very early Gregor doll. He was bought for me by my mum in 2004. He has beautiful red hair and brown eyes. His lips are perfect if a little faded. He was re-strung for me by Brenda Walton.

He is wearing the outfit of dark denim jeans, brown belt, a white short sleeve back opening top, white underwear and brown sandals. This outfit was created by Frido/Trendon between 1971-72. It was called “Denim Jeans” (4-205) and was sold as a separate boxed outfit.

Caleb wearing his Original Outfit

Caleb 2

Caleb 1

Caleb is a handsome black boy number 4-309 made in between 1972-79. He is a gorgeous boy with perfect very dark eyes and lovely rosy red lips. He has short very curly hair.

Caleb is wearing his original outfit consisting of a yellow knitted pullover, beige cotton trousers, white pants, white ankle socks and beige suede shoes.

David wearing the Mushroom Suit

Mushroom 1

Mushroom 2

David is a handsome puddle eyed blonde Gregor made in 1972 with pumpkin coloured elastic in his legs. He arrived in time for Christmas in 2004.

I think David looks great wearing the Trendon “Mushroom Suit” which is a separate outfit (not sold on a doll) and produced from 1973 to 1976.

The outfit consists of a beige cord short sleeve jacket with brown vinyl collar and a pocket on the front, matching cord flared trousers and cap. The brim of the cap, knee high boots and belt were also made using brown vinyl. This a very cute early 70’s style outfit which matches David’s age and fits him perfectly. He looks very cute wearing this outfit.

Aled wearing the Blue Suit Outfit

Blue Suit 2

Blue Suit 1

Aled is a wonderful Gregor Dark “Denims/Jeans” made in 1968. He is a gorgeous boy who I feel very fortunate to own. He arrived wearing his complete outfit with lovely reproduction white sandals made by Jean Jensen (along with one of his original Frido white leather sandals). He has lovely hand painted eyes, peachy pink lips and a graze on his temple which makes him look very boyish… afteral… boys often have tumbles when they are playing rough games. He has lovely very dark hair which is not falling.

Aled is wearing the Trendon Gregor Fair “Blue Suit” produced from 1975 – 1980. The outfit looks very cute on him. It comprises of a light blue denim tunic top with a front opening. Matching flared light blue denim trousers. A red and white printed scarf and brown sandals.

I think that Aled carries the 70’s styling of this outfit off really well. The outfit also looks very cute on, my mid 74 brunette girl, Sarah.

Jill wearing Sweater Outfit

Sweater 1

Sweater 2

Jill is a beautiful early 70’s girl with bright blue eyes and wearing a straight auburn wig. It is amazing how versatile a waif can be and Jill often wears other wigs.

Jill is wearing the “Sweater” outfit created by Trendon between 1982-84 and sold on the short haired blonde Sasha number 112/112S. The outfit was also sold without the doll as number 207/207S. The outfit consists of a beige knit sweater, a beige cord skirt, with brown buckled belt, white pants, knee socks (non original in photo) and cream laced shoes.

Starla wearing Holiday Outfit

Holiday 2

Holiday 1

Starla is a beautiful girl . She was originally a Sasha Brunette Pink Dress number 103. Starla has beautiful hand painted green eyes and her original rose pink lip paint. She has wonderful wavy dark brown hair.

I have her wearing the “Holiday” outfit (208;208s) created between 1982-86 by the Trendon company. This was a separately sold boxed outfit available for the dolls.

The outfit consists of mid blue shorts and hat, a white t-shirt, a red and navy striped swimsuit, a navy and white striped denim shoulder bag, red and white striped ankle socks and white laced canvas shoes.

Ron wearing Cord Outfit

Ron Cord 2

Ron Cord 1

Ron is one of my favourite boy dolls and I have used him a lot in my Sasha stories. He was created between 1982-86 by Trendon. His number is 312/312s. He has lovely red hair and pale blue eyes.

Ron is wearing his “Cord” outfit (which matches his eyes). The outfit includes a teal cord bomber jacket with matching trousers. It also includes a white t-shirt, white pants, white ankle socks and cream canvas laced shoes.

Amara wearing Cargo Pants Outfit

Amara - KW 1

Amara - KW 2

Amara is a beautiful mediterranean girl created by Kelly Wenarsky in 2007. When she arrived she was wearing a curly wig but I have changed her hair to a light brown human hair wig which I find gives me a little more flexibility in styling. Amara started out as a Trendon mid 70’s Gregor with falling hair. One of the things I like most about Amara are her beautiful hand painted hazel/green eyes. She has freckles across her nose. Amara is a beautiful one of a kind girl.

I have her wearing the Cargo Pants Outfit from the 1990’s Gotz production. This was a separate outfit available for the dolls. The cargo pants are cream with a drawstring waist and roomy pockets on the legs. The short sleeved navy and cream striped sweater is made from a soft brushed knit fabric.

I teamed this outfit with the Gotz light brown/beige suede fabric modern style shoes. I think they look great with this outfit.

Maya wearing Anika Outfit

Anika 2

Anika 1

Maya is a beautiful girl dating from 1970. When she arrived with me one of her eyes was badly faded and barely visible and the other was scratched so I repainted her eyes. She has lovely soft pink lips. Her hair is long and soft and beautiful. She is a lovely one of a kind girl.

Maya is wearing the Anika Gotz outfit from 2001. This outfit includes navy jeans with a large pocket to the front with red stitching, a red knitted pullover with white sleeves, white pants, white ankle socks nad black suede laced boots with red stitching. The outfit is completed with a hair tie.

Anna wearing Carmen Outfit

Carmen 2

Carmen 1

Anna is my Limited Edition Harlequin produced in 1984 she is number 726. She is a beautiful girl who never seems to look her best in her original outfit. She has lovely blonde hair rooted in a side part with a single row fringe. She has such beautiful soft gray eyes and looks gorgeous in this outfit.

Anna is wearing the Carmen Gotz outfit from 2001. The outfit (number 08237) includes a light blue knit sweater with decorative ribbons and pearls, a light blue and cream plaid pleated skirt, cream tights and white leather ankle strap shoes.