Katie wearing the Trendon Duffle

Duffle 3

Duffle 1

Katie is my lovely Kilt girl from 1969. She is such a cute girl with her lovely plaits.

Katie is wearing the “Duffle” outfit which was designed and produced by the Trendon factory between 1966-86. The outfit consists of a red felt duffle coat with brass coloured buttons and black vinyl boots. The black boots were added to the outfit in 1970. The outfit was sold as a separate boxed outfit.

Rowena wearing the Raincoat

Raincoat 1

Raincoat 2

Rowena is my beautiful Limited Edition Kiltie girl.

Rowena is wearing the “Raincoat” outfit (4-804; 804) produced from 1974-1986 by Trendon. It was was sold as a separate boxed outfit.

This outfit consists of a blue vinyl raincoat, blue vinyl rain hat and white vinyl knee high boots.

Sarah wearing the Mackintosh Outfit

Mackintosh 2

Mackintosh 1

Sarah is a very pretty brunette Sasha doll. My mum gave me Sarah to me for Christmas 2003 and she was my second Sasha doll. She has beautifully expressive brown eyes. She is actually a Sasha Brunette “Red Dress” 104 and luckily has wonderful thick straight hair. Her fringe has always swept over to the side and looks really pretty that way. She has pretty pale pink lips. She dates to 1974 rather than 1975 as she has a neck bar rather than a neck ring.

Sarah is wearing the “Macintosh” (808;808s) outfit which was sold as a separate boxed outfit by Frido/Trendon. The outfit inlcudes a navy blue trench coat, which includes a navy buckled belt amd is fully lined and includes side-seam pockets. It also includes a red beret, knee length ribbed white socks and navy shoes.

Sofie wearing the Annett Outfit

Annett dungarees 1

Annett dungarees 2

Sofie is a beautiful Gotz girl with a full blonde fringe and long hair which I have put into two plaits. I repainted Sofie’s eyes when I received her and I am very pleased with how they turned out.

Sofie is wearing the “Annett” as I think that she suits the outfit better than Annett does. The outfit which was designed and produced by the Gotz factory in 1999. The outfit includes a red felt hooded duffle coat with buttons with an anchor motif. It also includes brown pinwale cord farmpants, white short sleeve back opening blouse, white ribbed vest, white pants and white leather sandals.

Angela wearing the Kyra Outfit

Kyra Outerwear 1

Kyra dress 2

Kyra dress 1

Kyra outerwear 2

This is my Angela who dates from 1995 and is one of the dolls produced without the Gotz Sasha logo on the back of her torso. My Angela has lighter auburn hair in comparison to my mums which has a darker shade.

I always liked how pretty Kyra looked when I saw her for sale now and again and was absolutely delighted when I bought the Kyra dolls complete outfit. My Angela was instantly redressed in the new clothes and looks so sweet wearing these colours. Marianne also looks lovely in this outfit as the colour looks nice with her aquamarine eye colour.

Angela is wearing what I always think of as the traditional Sasha long sleeved yoke dress in pale blue cord, matching pants, a fully lined white furry coat, matching furry hat with the pale blue cord used for the crown, white knitted mittens and a matching long scarf, white vest, white ankle socks and black leather ankle strap shoes.

She looks absolutely adorable wearing this ensemble.

Esther wearing the Elke Outfit

Elke outfit 1

Elke Outfit 4

Elke Outfit 3

Elke outfit 2

This is my beautiful little Esther toddler doll. She is very cute and loves playing with her plush pink pig.

Esther is wearing the “Elke” toddler outfit (42004) created by Gotz in 2001. The outfit includes a pink knitted overcoat, matching hat, a white cotton blouse, a pink cord pleated skirt, white vest and pants and white leather sandals. Earlier versions of this outfit included a pink jersey overcoat with a matching hat.