Pearl and Greg

Nightwear 3

Greg wearing the Pyjamas

Pjs 2

PJs 1

Greg is a very handsome doll with beautiful eye painting. He was made in 1970 and I am showing him here with his original outfit. He was created by Frido and is the Gregor Fair Hair “Pyjamas” 5-103. I think my Greg has the most beautiful blue eyes with lovely feathered eyeliner. His lips are like many of the 1970 dolls and have become pale and oxidised. I am very fond of Greg as I think he has a very boyish look.

This outfit consists of light blue pyjamas, a red/orange terry bathrobe with a front pocket, matching belt and matching red/orange terry slippers. He has his brown teddy bear and is all ready to head off to bed.

Baby wearing the Baby Nightdress Outfit

Baby Nightdress 2

Baby Nightdress 1

My mum’s lovely early sexed brunette baby girl wearing a nightdress. This is probably the boy’s “Nightdress” outfit as the fabric is gathered at the yoke rather than being pleated. The outfit was produced between 1971-83 and includes a white nightdress, white pants and a baby blanket.

I don’t actually have a baby blanket in my collection so she is using a little patchwork quilt instead. She is ready to go to bed with her pretty cuddly bunny and a bedtime story.

Pearl wearing the Nightdress

Nightdress 1

Nightdress 2

Pearl is an early doll from 1969 by the Frido factory. Her number is 4-108 and she was sold as brunette “Party” Sasha, but we call her Pearl. Pearl’s eyes are beautiful and perfect she has lovely peachy pink lips. She is a rare doll with a brunette side-part and sadly the dreaded falling hair which is very bad in her case as it falls with just the aid of gravity.

She is wearing the Sasha “Nightdress” outfit (210) which was sold by Frido/Trendon between 1981 and 1986. The outfit consists of a light blue nightdress with a white draw string at the neck, a white terry bathrobe and white terry slippers. The outfit was sold as a separate boxed outfit. She didn’t want to go to bed until she had found her bagpuss toy.