Nautical Group

Nautical group 1

My nautical collection of outfits from the Trendon and Gotz eras.  I have always thought that it was a shame that there isn’t an outfit for Gregor to wear. So sometimes when I am displaying this collection at home I put Sandy Hikers outfit with it (but without his sleeping bag and ruck sack) as I think it works quite well within this theme.  I have two of the Sandy Hiker shirts one with a pocket and one without.  I like the shirt without the pocket when he is wearing his rucksack.  I like the shirt with the pocket with this grouping…

The outfits from left to right…

Pintucks wearing Trendon “Marina” outfit, Gotz Claudius wearing his own sailor outfit, Miriam wearing Trendon “Sailing Suit” outfit, Sandy Hiker wearing his own Trendon outfit, early Baby Boy wearing Gotz baby “Lena” outfit, and finally, Lily wearing Gotz “Marina” outfit…

I think it is so interesting the different ways in which the nautical theme can be interpreted.

Miriam wearing the Sailing Suit

Sailing Suit 2

Sailing suit 1

Miriam is a beautiful girl who was originally a blonde haired girl with a bad hair cut. She is wearing a lovely human hair dark brown wig which I have styled in a single plait. I have hand painted her eyes using shades of brown and grey to create a one of a kind look. She retains her pretty peachy pink lips.

She suits the “Sailing Suit” outfit 110s which was created by Trendon between 1980-86. The outfit consists of a red beret, mid blue brushed denim fisherman smock, dark denim jeans, a brown belt, white pullover t-shirt, white pants and laced canvas shoes.

Pintucks wearing the Trendon Marina Outfit

Marina Outfit 1

Marina Outfit 2

Pintucks looks wonderful wearing the Sasha Brunette “Marina” 102 outfit produced from 1981 – 1986. The outfit consists of a white short sleeved blouse, a white pleated skirt, a navy nautical style jacket with a black woven ribbon tie, white underwear, white knee socks and black laced shoes.

She is wearing her original barette to hold her hair although it has lost its pink flower.

Lily wearing the Gotz Marina Outfit

Gotz Marina 2

Gotz Marina 1

Lily was a waif puddle eyed brunette gregor from the early 70’s who had very bad falling hair when I bought him so takes on many different looks with using my extensive wig collection. I find that the dolls develop different personalities and need different names depending upon which wig they are wearing.

Lily wears the Gotz “Marina” outfit. The outfit includes a white waffle-pique middy blouse with trim in navy, a separate navy blue sailor collar with a blue satin ribbon tie and and trim in navy. It also includes a navy pleated skirt, sewn to a short sleeve bodice which opens to the back, a white ribbed vest, white underwear, white ankle socks and navy leather ankle-strap shoes.

John wearing Lena’s Sailor Outfit

Baby Nautical 1

Baby Nautical 2

John is my handsome little sexed early blonde baby boy. He just looks too cute wearing the Gotz baby sailor suit which actually belongs to Claudius’s little sister Lena. He is playing with the amazing little red sailing boat that I was given as part of a swap that I took part in a couple of years ago. A lovely sturdy wooden baby toy.

The outfit includes a white sailor hat with trim and pompom, a white waffle-pique middy blouse with navy trim, a separate navy blue sailor type collar with white trim and navy blue satin tie ribbon, white ribbed vest, navy long trousers with white trim, white underpants and white leather side snap shoes.

Claudius wearing the Claudius Gotz Outfit

Claudius 5

Claudius 3

Claudius 1

Claudius 4

Claudius is a lovely toddler made by Gotz in 2001 (42005). He has red hair and is wearing his original outfit. My sister Pip bought Claudius for me for Christmas 2006 (an amazing Christmas that year as my mum got the two Eskimos for Christmas and Neil gave me Rowena my Kiltie girl).

He is wearing his own Gotz toddler outfit which includes a middy top, navy blue sailor collar with white trim, navy blue coat with gold anchor buttons, navy and white striped trousers, matching cap, white underwear, ankle socks and black leather laced shoes.