Limited Editions

Velvet wearing her Original Limited Edition Outfit

Velvet 1

Velvet 2

Velvet is a Limited Edition Sasha 180 produced in 1981. Velvet is number 3844 of 5000.

What can I say about Velvet. She really is perfection. There is something particularly attractive about her dark hair (brunette wig) and lovely soft gray blue eyes. Velvet has an expressive face and is one of the most photogenic Sasha dolls. Velvet arrived with me in 2004.

She is wearing her original outfit a navy blue velvet dress with white lace trim at neck and cuffs. She has a broderie anglais half slip, white underwear and white knee socks. The outfit is completed with a pair of black shiny court shoes with a bow on front.

Ffyon wearing her Original Pintucks Outfit

Pintucks 2

Pintucks 1

Ffyon is a Limited Edition Sasha Pintucks 182A (blond human hair wig) produced in 1982. She is number 3320 and has teal/gray eyes which really suit her. She arrived with me in 2004.

Ffyon is wearing her original white dress with pintuck detailing and a pretty ruffled collar and long sleeves with gathered cuff… she has an A line style full white slip, white pants, white ankle socks and dark green velvety Mary Jane style ankle strap shoes with heels.

Her side part blonde human hair wig is held back on one side by a brown barette with a pink cloth flower attached.

Ffyon is a beautiful Sasha and I always find her to be very photogenic when she is modelling for me.

Rowena wearing her Limited Edition Kiltie Outfit

Kiltie 1

Kiltie 2

Rowena is a Limited Edition “Kiltie” 183A produced in 1983. She is number of 4000. When I bought her she arrived wearing all her clothing except she had a “Velvet” dress instead of her blackwatch tartan dress. This of course set me on a long period of watching ebay until finally, a Kiltie dress came up for sale. This really delighted me and she duly arrived in time for Christmas as my present from Neil. Neil was pleased because the seller had wrapped her in Christmas paper so I didn’t get to see her until Christmas Day!

Rowena is a very pretty girl. I love her human hair auburn wig with always looks great in photos. I do find that these wigs require a little effort and I condition them about twice a year.

Her outfit consists of a black watch tartan dress with attached slip, black tights, black kid leather dancing shoes, amethyst pendant on an elastic string and a brown barette to hold her hair back.

This is a very pretty outfit and I think she would look very cute at her Scottish Dancing class.

Rowena was one of the Sasha dolls that I most looked forward to finding and adding to my collection. She is such a pretty girl and I always think she looks wonderful in photographs.

Velvet wearing Anna’s Limited Edition Harlequin Outfit

Harlequin 2

Harlequin 1

Velvet is wearing Anna’s Limited Edition “Harlequin”, Anna is numbered 184A and was produced in 1984. Velvet is described above and was made in 1982.

The Harlequin outfit consists of a pink, white and blue diamond pattern dress with a wide colour and half length sleeves, matching pants, red sandals, a straw hat with pink flower, a brown hair slide and a red guitar.

Royal Pair

Prince and Princess

Martin wearing his Limited Edition Prince Gregor outfit

Prince 2

Prince 1

Martin is a Limited Edition Prince Gregor produced in 1985. He is number 2536 of 3000, although 4000 were planned. He has cobalt blue eyes and wears a short brunette wig. Martin arrived in 2004.

He is a very handsome Gregor and I miss him now that he is up for rehoming.

He is wearing his original navy velvet tunic with white ruffle collar, matching trousers matching hat with a white feather plume, white underwear, white ankle socks, navy shiny court shoes with blue jewel trim and a bright blue sash with blue jewel pendant.

Martin is also a very photogenic Gregor and always looks great.

Josephine wearing a Reproduction Princess outfit

Princess 1

Princess 2

Josephine is a very rare Sasha “Princess” doll (186A). She was created in 1986. There were only 350 Princess dolls made out of 3,500 which were originally scheduled because the Trendon factory closed down.

Josephine is (according to the label attached to her by her previous owner) one of the last two to come out of the factory and had not yet been given a number. She has a ‘scar’ on the back of her neck where the factory attempted to remove the Limited Edition lettering. She did arrive with her original human hair princess wig which I have glued in place.

I named her after her previous owner who was downsizing her collection.

I have created Josephine’s outfit as a reproduction of what the “Princess” dolls would have worn. I am very pleased with the result. The outfit includes a navy hooded cloak lined with pink, a pink dress with tiered ruffled skirt, white petti-pants with embroidered trim, white ankle socks, pink leather court shoes and a navy velvet neck ribbon with a hanging jewel.

Marianne Limited Edition for Friends of Sasha

Marianne 1

Marianne 2

I think that Marianne is one of the prettiest Sasha dolls around (although I really do have to acknowledge a particular liking for redhead and auburn haired dolls). I remember the first time I saw a Marianne in person was when I had the opportunity of visiting Kendal and seeing her amazing Sasha collection (Such an amazing treat). A few months later Dorisanne was selling a few Marianne dolls and I was lucky enough to have this girl arrive in 2006 in time for Christmas. She is number 8.

She is particularly beautiful, with clear turquoise eyes, and a long fringe and the most amazingly beautiful very long silky hair.

Marianne is wearing her original turquoise cord yoke dress with matching pants, whtie ribbed vest, white ankle socks and white leather Mary Jane style ankle strap shoes.

I just adore this delightful girl and her gorgeous outfit.

Friends of Sasha is a wonderful series of magazines that I have spent many happy hours reading. Dorisanne Osborne has so much knowledge about the Sasha dolls and their outfits and has been so generous in passing this knowledge on. I think she may still have some back issues available. If she does, they are well worth buying if you don’t already have them.

Like wearing Alek’s Eskimo Outfit

Eskimo baby 5

Eskimo baby 3

Eskimo baby 2

Eskimo baby 1

Like is an Chinese baby boy doll, created in 2001 Gotz (01-40225). He was one of a limited edition of 500 dolls. He was created to look like a doll in the Sasha Morgenthaler Puppenmuseum.

He has beautiful face painting and lovely tousled dark hair.

Like is wearing Alek’s original outfit, which I think really suits him. It was also created in 2001 by Gotz and is number 40224.

The Alek outfit is an eskimo costume, which includes a hooded jacket of pieced suede decorated with fake fur and red yellow and black trim and including matching trousers and boots. The outfit also includes a white vest, white pants and a suede necktie.

Alek wearing the Chinese Baby Outfit

Chinese Baby 1

Chinese Baby 2

Alek is a baby girl doll, made as a limited run of 500 dolls, by Gotz in 2001 (01-40224). She was created to look like a doll in the Sasha Morgenthaler Puppenmuseum. She has a beautifully painted face and dark hair.

Alek is wearing the “Like” outfit, which is a Chinese style and was created in 2001 by Gotz style 40225.

The outfit includes: a black linen jumpsuit; a red pinafore with black and yellow stripes, tied in the front with coloured cord and tassels and under the arms with tape; a white vest; white pants; and sewn shoes to match the pinafore.

Irka in her Own Outfit

Irka 1

Irka 3

Irka is a baby doll, made by Gotz in 2001 (01-40223). She was one of a limited edition of 750 dolls. She was created to look like a doll in the Sasha Morgenthaler Puppenmuseum. She has very fair hair and pale brown the same delicate beauty as Ira’s pale mauve eyes. She is playing with her pretty white bear.

She is wearing her original outfit. Irka’s outfit consists of a white cotton yoke dress with lace trimmed long sleeves, a white cotton pinafore apron with an eyelet embroidery decorative panel on the shirt front and edged with matching lace on the hem, a straw hat with white ties, white vest, white pants and white leather side-snap shoes.

Ariel wearing her Native American Outfit

Yamka 2

Yamka 1

Ariel is a lovely doll, made in 2001 by the Gotz production (01-08032). She is one of a limited edition of 500 dolls named “Yamka”, but I liked the name Ariel better. She was created to look like a doll in the Sasha Morgenthaler Puppenmuseum.

She is described as a South American gypsy girl, but I always think of her as a Native American girl. She is one of my Mum’s favourite Sashas and she also has a Yamka in her own collection.

Ariel is wearing her original outfit. The outfit includes a long pink linen yoke dress with cuts at the sleeves and skirt, a white vest and pants. The outfit has five coloured beaded necklaces and a gold coloured spiral bangle. The outfit was made without footwear, however I have added pink laced moccasins.

Allan wearing his Eskimo Outfit

Eskimo 1

Eskimo boy 2

Allan is a limited edition doll created by Gotz and numbered 01-08031. There were originally 500 dolls made by the factory in 2001. He was created to look like dolls that were designed by Sasha Morgenthaler. His face paint is quite special and beautifully unkempt hair.

Allan is part of my mum’s lovely collection of ethnic Sasha dolls which are the ones which always appealed to her.

His outfit is an eskimo costume. It includes a hooded jacket of pieced suede leather decorated with fake fur and red yellow and black trim and including matching trousers and boots. The outfit also includes a white vest, white pants and a suede necktie.

Eskimos in their Original Eskimo Outfits

Like and Allan with one of their husky dogs


Ira 2

Ira 3

Ira wearing her Original Outfit

Ira is one of a limted run of 750 dolls that were created in 2001 by Gotz. Her number is 01-08034. She was designed after a doll in the Sasha Morgenthaler Puppenmuseum. Ira is part of mum’s collection.

She has very fair hair and pale eyes giving her an almost ethereal look.

The outfit includes: a long off-white silk brocade dress with a light blue silk border at the neck, cuffs and hem; matching cream cotton pantaloons with lace edging; a white vest; white ankle socks; black leather ankle strap shoes; cream and pink silk hair ribbons and a handcrafted hair slide.