Poppy wearing Dungarees

Poppy dungarees 1

Poppy dungarees 2

Poppy was made in 1968. Poppy is a centre part red haired girl doll. She wears her hair in plaits. She came without her original outfit. She looks so like Peter in her facial painting that I think of them as twins.

Poppy is wearing the blue dungarees outfit which were created in 1970. The outfit includes the light blue chambray dungarees with a stitched front pocket, a white short sleeve open back blouse, a white vest, white pants and white leather sandals (the sandals in the photograph are from the Gotz 90’s production).

Tara wearing Jeans Outfit

Sasha jeans dungarees 1

Sasha jeans dungarees 2

Tara is a Sasha Blonde Jeans number 4-105 produced in 1968. She has lovely face paint and pin dot pupils.

Tara is wearing her own “Jeans” farmpants outfit created in 1966-69. This outfit includes brown cord dungarees with white lining. It also has a white short sleeved blouse, white vest, white pants and her original white leather sandals.

She is truly beautiful Sasha who was hard to find and arrived in time for Christmas a few years ago.

Baby Playsuit Outfit

Baby dungarees 4

Baby dungarees 2

My beautiful early sexed brunette baby girl with raised eyelids, hazel eyes and lovely long dark hair.

I have dressed her in the “Baby Playsuit” outfit which was produced between 1973-80. It was sold on two baby dolls, one with blonde and one with brown hair, and also as a separate outfit. The outfits were numbered 4-505; 505; 4-507 and 507.

I do not have the complete outfit just the navy cord overalls which I have teamed with a cream terry shirt with skiing printed pattern, sewn by my friend Robyn. I am missing a white terry shirt with red trim, matching terry pants, white socks with red trim and white side-snap shoes from the original outfit. She has her favourite toy monkey to keep her amused while I photograph her.

Allan wearing the Jumpsuit Outfit

Jumpsuit 1

Jumpsuit 2

Allan is the handsome Gotz Eskimo boy.

He is wearing the “Jumpsuit” that was sold on Fair Gregor 304 produced 1979-82. The outfit comprises a navy cord one piece suit with zipper front, white pants, red and white striped ankle socks, white laced shoes and a patterned red and white bandana.

Emilie wearing Maria Outfit

Maria 2

Maria 1

Emilie is my favourite of my Kelly Wenarsky repainted dolls. She is from Kelly’s Studio Doll Series influenced by the Victorian girls wearing white dresses featuring in Impressionist art. Her other inspiration for Emilie came from Sasha Morgenthaler’s “1900” series of studio dolls protraying Victorian children.

Emilie has very pretty blue hand painted eyes and freckles across her nose. Her auburn hair is a human hair wig which can be styled in lots of different ways. She was originally a Limited Edition Trendon Pintucks number 811 produced in 1982.

I have her dressed in my Gotz Maria outfit of navy cord farmpants, white short sleeve blouse, white pants and white leather sandals. This outfit really suits her, although I find she looks wonderful wearing anything. A very photogenic girl.

Max wearing his own outfit

Max 1

Max 2

Max is one of my very favourite babies. He was made by the Gotz factory in 1998/9. He has beautiful blonde hair, brown eyes and a very sweet expressive face. He is busy opening a new present of a cuddly snoopy. One of his favourite cartoon characters.

His outfit includes mid blue denim overalls, a matching cap and a navy long sleeve top.