These are the dresses that are of a construction other than the basic Yoke Dress that has been so popular in both of these production series.


Pip wearing her Party Dress

Pip Party 2

Pip Party 1

Pip is an early doll from 1969 by the Frido factory. Her number is 4-108 and she was sold as brunette “Party” Sasha, but we call her Pip. Pip’s eyes are beautiful and perfect although her lips have faded. She is a rare doll with a brunette side-part.

The brunette “Party” outfit includes a pink sleeveless cotton dress, a matching separate sash, matching pants, a white vest, white ankle socks and white leather ankle strap shoes.

Cora White Knit outfit

Cora 2

Cora 1

An early Cora original white knitted sleeveless dress with a short peplum style skirt. I don’t have the original pants. The outfit came with lovely red leather sandals (which used to be available from ABCeta which is where I bought my pair).

White Suit Baby Outfit

Jade was made by the Trendon factory in 1972. She has beautiful emerald green eyes (as the original brown paint has oxidised) and brunette hair. She is really cute.

Jade is wearing the “White Suit” outfit. The outfit was made between 1972 and 79 by the Trendon production line. The outfit includes a white cotton blouse with red and black designed trim, matching pants and nappy.

Jade has her favourite “black” lamb who she is seldom parted from.

Baby white bird wearing her own outfit

White bird 3

White bird 2

Baby “White Bird” was made between 1975-86. She was a Trendon baby 508 (604 as an outfit only creation).

The outfit includes a white and navy gingham smock, red tights and navy laced ankle boots. The original outfit included a white bird and I have given her a different white owlet to complete the outfit as I do not own an original white bird.

A very cute baby from my mum’s collection.

Cora’s Summer Dress Outfit

Cora Summer 2

Cora Summer 1


Cora wearing the “Summer Dress” created between 1977-79. The outfit includes a pink and white striped dress with short sleeves, white vest, white pants and white knee socks. I have added pink strap shoes made by “Ruth’s Dolls”, as I do not have the original white court shoes, and they do look very cute with this outfit.


Isolde wearing her White Dress

Redhead white dress 1

Redhead white dress 2

Isolde is a stunning red haired girl doll. She was created by the Trendon factory between 1979-86 wearing her “White Dress” outfit 108. I have repainted her eyes as one of them had a scratch on it when she arrived with me. Isolde is a lovely girl smaller than my 1980’s dolls so I think she is probably from the early part of the production dating to 1979.

Her outfit is a white dress with ruffled cap sleeves, a matching sash and a ruffled edging to the skirt. The outfit also has white ribbed tights and black court shoes.

Lena wearing the Sundress Outfit

Sundress 1

Sundress 2

Lena is my cute gotz baby girl (sister to the toddler Claudius). She has lovely long wispy hair and a sweet face that hides a mischievous personality. She is playing on her wooden rocking horse.

She is wearing the “Sundress” outfit which was produced between 1979 and 1986. The outfit was made by Trendon and was worn by the blonde baby 502 – (606 as an outfit only pack). The outfit includes a sleeveless white dress with lace trim, matching bonnet with ribbon ties and matching pants.

Cara wearing the Little Flower Outfit

Cora Flower 2

Cora Flower 1

Baby Little Flower 518 outfit. It was produced between 1980-83 by the Trendon factory.

The outfit includes a grey dress with flower bud pattern in pink, pale blue and darker blue with navy leaf sprigs, matching pants and brown side snap shoes (typical she has taken her shoes off just as I started taking the photographs).

Belle wearing the Sandy Baby Outfit

Sandy 2

Sandy 1

Belle is my gorgeous black baby “Little Flower” 518 made by the Trendon factory between 1980 and 1983. She is a wonderful baby with dark brown eyes and rosie lips. She much prefers wearing baby Sandy’s dress which she maintains suits her much better. She is holding Ted her favourite bear.

Belle is wearing the “Sandy” baby 501 outfit from 1981-86. It was produced by the Trendon factory. As the name suggests, this outfit came with on my honey blonde baby doll. The outfit includes a brown and white gingham dress, matching pants and brown side snap shoes.

Sandy wearing the Rosie Baby Outfit

Rosie 1

Rosie 2

Sandy is my lovely honey blonde baby 501 produced by the Trendon factory from 1981 to the end of production in 1986. She is a beautiful baby with a quirky personality and a passion for cats.

I have dressed Sandy in the “Rosie” baby outfit 514S. It was produced between 1983-86 by the Trendon factory and was sold with a honey blonde baby. The outfit includes a white dress with rose print, a matching mop cap, matching pants, white knee socks and soft red slip on shoes.

Juliet wearing the 80’s Party Outfit

Honey Party 2

Honey Party 1

Juliet is my Sasha Honey Blonde “Silk Dress” 101 (1981-1984). She is a particularly beautiful Sasha and has exactly the same colour and texture of hair as my Sandy Hiker. This makes them a lovely pair when they are displayed together. She arived into my Sasha family in 2005.

Juliet looks really beautiful wearing the Sasha Honey Blonde “Party” outfit. The white and turquoise polka dot drop waist dress has short gathered sleeves and a pretty turquoise ribbon sash. There is a turquoise hair ribbon attached to a brown barette. White pants and socks. I don’t have the correct shoes for this outfit so she is wearing a spare pair of white leather Mary Jane shoes from the 90’s Gotz collection which look perfect with the dress.

Angela wearing her Original Outfit

Angela Outfit 1

Angela Outfit 2

Angela was made by Gotz in 1995 and 1996 (96-08002) and she has long very dark auburn hair with a deep thickly rooted fringe and beautiful grey/blue eyes with a darker outline around the iris and eyelashes. She is a very pretty girl from my mum’s collection.

Angela is wearing her original outfit of a long white heavy textured weave dress with lace trimming on the front. The dress has long sleeves, long skirt, waist length bodice and a sasha that ties at the back in a bow. She has white pantalettes and socks. I do love the shoes that the Gotz factory made for the Sasha dolls. They are always beautifully made and the navy leather ankle strap shoes with this outfit are wonderful.

We have two Angela’s in our collection and mum’s Angela has a very different eyes to my Angela who is wearing the Kyra outfit.

Hannah wearing the Daniela Outfit

Danielle 2

Danielle 1

Hannah was originally a mid 70’s blonde Sasha “Long Dress” with a bad haircut. She was subsequently re-wigged. The wig she wears most often is the blond Peggy Sue wig she is wearing in these photographs. She also looks wonderful in the Kiltie human hair wig. She has pretty sprayed eyes with a little hand finishing. Hannah is a waif who has gone o the odd daytrip with me and I find she is very photogenic. SHe has been with me since 2005.

Here she is wearing the Daniela outfit. The textural white polka dot red/white woven fabric used for the dress gives the fabric a pinky hint. The dress features inverted box pleats falling from a yoke. Two textural white buttons sewn on to the yoke. Short turned up sleeves and a white Peter Pan collar. White leather sandals and a white plastic straw brimmed sun hat complete the outfit. A very cute outfit.

Annett wearing the Stella Outfit

Stella Outfit 2

Stella Outfit 1

Annett was made by the Gotz factory in 1999 (99-08019). She has long brown hair with a fringe and blue eyes. I saw Annett and Anna for sale on Shelly’s website together and was very lucky to be able to buy both of them… I liked how similar they looked (but with different hair styles). I think of Anna and Annett as sisters. Annett is not wearing her original outfit in these photos.

I like Annett wearing the Gotz outfit belonging to Stella (made in 2000) which I think really suits her. The sleeveless dress is made from red and white plaid fabric with a barely noticeable very fine blue line running through it. The dress buttons down the front with white buttons and has a pocket on the skirt. The front edge and top of the pocket are edged with white fabric. She is wearing the dark red leather clogs and has a red clip in her hair.