Original Outfits

One of the greatest pleasures I have had has been collecting original Sasha doll outfits. I love seeing the original outfits, how they are made, the fabrics used and how they look on the different dolls. When I bought the set of the Trendon postcards of Sasha dolls, I really loved that the outfits were often shown on different dolls to the ones who came dressed in the outfit. Surprisingly often, an outfit can look better on a different doll to the one it would have come on.

I’ve collected the outfits in many different ways, some came on dolls that I bought, others were bought from websites, and most were collected piece by piece as I spotted them on ebay and referred to Dorisanne Osborn’s book Sasha Through the Years and Susanna Lewis’s Sasha Doll Charts – mainly the English Production and 1990’s Gotz Production charts as this is where my personal interests and budget lay.

This isn’t a complete collection of all of the outfits that were made by the Frido/Trendon Factory. I am missing a few, but it is an ongoing project. Similarly, I don’t have as many of the 1990’s Gotz outfits, although they really are wonderful.