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These are a mixture of sites which are devoted to showcasing personal collections of Sasha dolls, Sasha care information, Sasha dolls for sale, Sasha hospital, historical information about Sasha Morgenthaler, as wells as Sasha doll clothing.

If you have a website or blog that I haven’t added to my listing, please let me know, so I can add it to my Links page.

Absolutely Sasha

A wonderful blog that has fun posts with great Sasha vignettes.


Allegro Melody’s custom sasha dolls and posts about her inspiration.

Doll Wigs, Doll Supply, Doll Making Supplies, Doll Eyes, and Doll Repairs - Audrey_s Doll Gallery

Useful website for buying wigs for Sasha.


Betsymay’s wonderful blog for her beautiful Sasha clothing creations. Always loved her beautiful outfits and accessories.

Beverly_s Doll & Bear Boutique

Beautiful photographs of Sasha doll room settings. A selection of dolls clothing and accessories.

Boneka Puppenmoden GmbH - Alles für die perfekte Puppenausstattung

Boneka Doll Fashion – I have a number of pairs of the shoes for Sasha and Gregor in my collection. They are amazing quality.

Cathy_s Little World | Sasha, crafting and other nice things…

Cathy’s wonderful collection of dolls that she posts about on her blog. Although, I wasn’t able to attend the Sasha Festival when it was in England, I really enjoyed reading her posts about the Festival.

Cats, Morgenthaler Sashas and other dolls

The name of this blog pretty much says it all. It features posts about cats, sasha dolls and other dolls.

Cecilias Sasha Page

Cecilia’s Sasha page about her beautiful sasha dolls from her childhood. They are a gorgeous collection of dolls with special meaning for their owner.

special sewing for Sasha dolls by fromdaisydaisy on Etsy

I have a couple of beautiful outfits that were bought from Daisy Daisy. They are among my favourites in my collection and I look hopefully on this site in the hope I will be lucky enough to be able to add to this collection.

Designs By Judi - Sell Custom Doll Patterns and Dolls, Sasha, Barbie, Princess Diana, Tiffany Taylor Sarah Bernhardt, Scarlett Ohara and more

I have a few patterns created by Designs by Judi that I received as a gift some years ago. They are wonderful.

Dollydetroit by Tina Gross

Beautiful dresses for Sasha.

Doll Mum_s blog

Enjoyable blog with interesting posts and beautiful sewing and knitting for Sasha.

Doll Secrets

Wonderful tights and lingerie for Sasha dolls. I have a few pairs of her tights in my collection and they are excellent quality and fit very well.

Dolls World

Wonderful doll clothing. Creative designs.

Dollydoodles Sasha Dolls Clothes

Wonderful modern designs by Dolly Doodles. I have a lovely baby grow made by her. Truly beautiful. Baby is wearing it in my Sasha Baby Story.

Dreaming Under the Lilacs

Inventive outfits for Sasha. The photos of her Sasha houses are truly extraordinary.

Sasha Knitting Patterns, Sasha Sewing Patterns items in Grandma_s Emporia store on eBay!

Beautiful knitting patterns for Sasha dolls, Gregors and babies.

Hand knitted and handmade clothes for Sasha

Beautiful knitwear and clothing for Sasha.

karensyarn on Etsy

I’ve always been so impressed by the beautiful clothes made by Karen Warnaka for Sasha. Her clothes are extraordinary and I hope to have one of her beautiful smocked dresses in my collection some day.

Kendals Sasha Brood | For _Sasha Fanatics_ like me!

I love Kendal’s wonderful blog about her beautiful Sasha doll collection. I have been lucky enough to visit Kendal and see her wonderful dolls and meet to meet their amazing Sasha mum! Love this blog, one of my favourites.

Leelee Dollwear

Lee Lee Dollwear clothes for Sasha are truly amazing. I used to watch out for her beautiful dresses on ebay, and have been fortunate to be able to buy a couple of her lovely dresses on this website. Well worth watching out for new dresses.

Lets Play Dolls

Site for buying Sasha dolls and original outfits.

Little Princess Frocks

Interesting doll sized accessories.

Macon Street Studio

Beautiful clothes for your Sasha dolls. Interesting blog posts.

Made with love for Sasha dolls

Beautiful Sasha doll dresses and outfits. Lovely photography of her dolls.

Mikkis Sasha Dolls

Interesting sasha blog. Great posts about the Sasha Festival.

Mimi Collection ~ Shop of Ball Joint Doll accessory (Mimiwoo)

Excellent site for buying Sasha shoes.

Morrissey Doll Patterns for Sasha

Excellent source for Sasha patterns for outfits. Lots of lovely designs.

Nellie Rose Doll Clothes

Clothing for Sasha.

Nomacustom_s Treasures from the Needles of Mary Anne by nomacustom

Clothes, underwear and slippers for Sasha.

Patchwork Pansy

Sasha blog.

Rosie Bloom

Beautiful clothes and shoes for Sasha.

Beautiful clothes and shoes for Sasha.

Sasha Commoneo

Lovely Sasha blog. Beautiful photographs of dolls in lovely outfits and with some wonderful props and accessories.

Sasha Dolls Knitwear and More by sashacraftcottage on Etsy

Beautiful knitwear for Sasha and Gregor.

Sasha Dolls Boutique

Lovely Sasha doll clothes made by Molly.

Sasha Doll Clothes

Lovely outfits and knitwear for Sasha dolls.

Sasha Doll London

Beautiful Sasha collection.

Sasha Dolls Information

Excellent site for information about caring for your Sasha doll. Wonderful photographs of all of the 1990′s Gotz sasha dolls. Source for the new Sasha Dolls set of books, the third of which has just become available to order. Wonderful resource from Susanna Lewis.

Sasha Doll Musings

Wonderful blog with photographs and interesting posts about a much loved Sasha collection.

Sasha Doll Style — Nikki Kernohan

My own fun website for information about Sasha dolls. Sasha Stories. Photographs of my original Sasha outfit collection. A gallery of all of the outfits and collections of outfits that I have made for Sasha in the past decade. A comprehensive list of links to other Sasha websites and blogs.

Sasha Doll UK blog

Shelly’s blog for her Sasha Doll UK website. Beautiful photography of the Sasha dolls.

Sasha Dolls (ABCeta Playthings Limited)

Sales site for original clothing and other accessories for Sasha dolls.

Lisasdolls - Sasha Hospital for Dolls

Lisa’s Sasha Doll Hospital as well as fixing and restringing the dolls, she also does re-rooting of the dolls. She has done this for a few of my dolls, a very friendly person.

Sasha Doll clothes by Sashapotamus on Etsy

Lovely modern tee shirts for Sasha dolls.

Sasha Puppen Klinik

Interesting website.


Sasha hospital in USA.

Sasha, Sasha, Sasha

Franberry’s wonderful blog/website about her Sasha doll collections. Wonderful informative posts to read, full of interesting facts and lovely photographs of her dolls.

Sasha Secrets - Emag

Sasha Secrets blog. Gives information about her eMagazine. I read my first issue recently, wonderful magazine.

Sasha Street

Wonderful website by Ted Menten. Fabulous photography. Very inspiring. - Home for Sasha doll lovers

I bought one of my favourite Sasha girls from this website. Very nice lady to buy from. The source for the Studio Dolls DVD and Sasha Dolls DVD.

Sasha, Gregor & Co

Wonderful Sasha outfits. The place to order Jean Jensen’s amazing Sasha shoes. I have a couple of pairs of her hand made shoes and they are wonderful.

Sasha's Garden

Sandy’s lovely clothing for Sasha dolls. Beautiful photography of her dolls.


Lovely blog about Sasha dolls. Beautiful photography of her dolls.

Sashas closet

Beautiful Sasha clothing made by Jackie Ewaldt.

Sasha Village

Great Sasha blog. Amazing photographs of her garden. What a garden.

Sewing for Sasha

Lorraine’s Etsy shop for selling her hand made doll clothes. She takes custom orders for Sasha clothes.

Sewing & Knitting for Sasha

I love visiting this Sasha website. Fascinating posts. She takes orders for custom made clothing. Sometimes she has Sasha dolls from her collection for sale. An interesting website with lots of things going on.

Simply Grace Designs

Sewing patterns for Sasha dolls and other types of dolls.

Spring Valley Studios Custom Dolls

Kelly Wenarsky’s blog for selling her beautiful custom Sasha dolls. I have a couple of her dolls and really love them. They have so much personality. I love that she changes a well loved doll, with some damage, nibble marks, scrapes etc into a custom doll with a completely new look. Wonderful.

The Doll Works

Beautiful clothing for Sasha, Gregor and babies. Interesting layout for choosing accessories and dressing your own Sasha or Baby.

The Linen Cupboard by Catherine French

Stunning knitwear for Sasha, Sylvia Natterer dolls and miniature knitting. Her knitwear is a work of art and I am lucky to have a few pieces in my collection.

The Sasha Doll Store - Home

Shop with a few Sasha doll items still available.

Sasha Doll Rebecca Pavley

One of the first Sasha websites I found when I first became interested in Sasha’s again and started buying Sasha dolls for myself.


Shop where you can find accessories and clothes for sale. Also, dolls for sale sometimes.

Tilily Tangerine

Wonderful travelling Sasha Tilily, she has travelled in lots of different countries. A very sweet little tomboy! Well worth reading about her journey.

Twizels Sasha Emporium Blog

Another of the websites that I visit and read on a regular basis. Someone who really enjoys her Sasha collection and makes some beautiful outfits for the dolls.


I love the beautiful clothes that Sarah makes for Sasha dolls. Truly beautiful. Well worth visiting this blog often in the hope that you will be lucky enough to be able to buy one of them.

Welcome to my Sasha website

Carol’s website of her Sasha dolls.

WESTMORE doll TIGHT and SOCK maker eBay Shop About My Shop

Ribbed socks and tights for Sasha and Baby. They are quite thick fabric but look nice with sweater dresses and boots.

Wonderful World of Dolls

Clothing for Sasha dolls and many other types of doll.

wpooh_s corner

A Sasha collector’s personal collection.