I have owned a Sasha doll from the age of three. Most of the knowledge that I have attained has come from reading the books about Sasha dolls, reading factory leaflets, brochures and pamphlets, surfing the web and from membership of the online Sasha groups.

The groups are wonderful communities of people who are devoted to Sasha dolls both preserving them for the future and also in allowing the dolls to evolve with our times. There are Sasha doll hospitals where they can be fixed, restrung, cleaned and even have missing hair re-rooted. Some very talented people help Sasha dolls who have been damaged recapture a new and different personality and beauty.

A few people have been lucky enough to know Sasha Morgenthaler and Mr & Mrs Doggart personally, but for the rest of us, the best we can do is to glean information wherever we can find it and hopefully share our passion and interest with other Sasha collectors.

If there is any other information that you would like to see here or links to other interesting Sasha related sites, I would be delighted if you would let me know.

Books about Sasha Dolls

Sasha-Puppen Sasha Dolls

ISBN 3-7165-1073-4 Written by Annemarie Monteil, Barbara Morgenthaler. Published by Benteli Verlag, Switzerland. Sasha-Puppen is a wonderful book about Sasha Morgenthaler’s life and the fabulous Studio Dolls that she made. Photographs are truly sumptuous and so inspirational.


Sasha-Dolls 1

Sasha Dolls Through the Years

ISBN 0-912823-85-2 Written by Dorisanne Osborn

A great reference book with useful photographs of the Studio Dolls (1940s-1975), first production of German Sasha Dolls made by the Gotz factory (1964-1970) and the English manufactured Sasha Dolls (1965-1986). My copy of this book is covered in notes, annotations and post-its. I used this book extensively for checking items of original clothing when I came across them on ebay.

Sasha Dolls 1

Sasha Dolls

Sasha Dolls (Serie Dolls 1964/65-1970)

Compiled by Michael O’Brien

This is a small book with excellent photographs of the earlier Gotz Sasha Dolls.

Sasha Dolls – The History

By Anne Votaw with Ann Louise Chandler and Susanna E. Lewis ISBN 978-1-932485-59-2

Another wonderful book that I have read from cover to cover several times. Amazing photography of beautiful Sasha dolls from all of the production periods. A book that should be in every Sasha Collectors collection as the information is  utterly fascinating. This is the first book of three (I think).

Sasha Dolls the History

Sasha Dolls – Serie Identification

By Susanna Lewis with Ann Louise Chandler and Anne Votaw ISBN 978-0-9849279-1-3

This is the third book in the series. At the time of writing, I have just ordered this book from Sasha Doll website. It looks like it will be a comprehensive guide to identification and dating of your Sasha dolls from all three production periods. I think it will probably supersede the Charts that Susanna Lewis created that I mention below.

Leaflets and Other Things Featuring Sasha Dolls

These are well worth finding to add to your collection.

Sasha Doll Charts – The English Production

This is incredibly useful and I have referred to it many times. Susanna Lewis, has put together checklists of the Sasha Dolls, their manufacturing dates, their clothing, dress sets, packaging etc. I put mine into a folder so that it was easily checked as I wanted to protect the paper. Simply displayed and brilliant.

English Production S Lewis

Sasha Dolls Charts – The 1990’s Gotz Production

This wonderful set of charts gives lists of Sasha doll production dates, hair styles, dress sets, clothing, eye painting styles, etc. I have referred to this set of charts a lot. This set was also put into a sleeve binder, along with a printed out set of the 1990s Sasha Dolls – A Picture Catalog of the Gotz Production from 1995 – 2001. These two sets of information give a complete overview of the 1990’s Gotz Production.

1990s Gotz Production Compiled S Lewis

Sasha Dolls – Early Gotz Period

Where do Sashas come from?

A fascinating booklet written by Sara Doggart about how they started making Sasha dolls in their factory in Stockport and how the dolls were made. This works wonderfully well as an introduction to Marie Morgan’s wonderful DVD.

Where do Sasha Dolls come from

Sasha in Motion

I love this tiny little booklet. It shows photos of Sasha dolls and babies interacting with each other. If you enjoy creating Sasha settings and interacting with you Sasha dolls, the imagery in this booklet is very inspiring.

Sasha in Motion

Sasha Ballet

CD choregraphed and designed by Anne Votaw. Wonderful. Watching this CD last summer inspired my nieces in drawing a backdrop for their Sasha dolls to have a play.

Sasha Ballet CD

Sasha Doll Postcards

Lovely photographs of the Sasha dolls wearing original outfits. Often the dolls are wearing different outfits to those they wore when for sale. Beautiful poses.


Sasha Doll Catalogues

I only have a few of these but all are worthwhile having. Lovely photographs of the dolls posed in the separate outfits which were available for sale. As well as the photograph of the doll wearing the outfit, they sometimes show each of the parts of the outfit as well. Very useful to collect. I have a small selection.

Sasha Pamphlets

Sasha Festival Souvenir Books

I have a couple of these which I was lucky enough to be given. Interesting information and a taster of what those lucky folk attending the festivals get up to.

Doll Museum 2

Doll Museum 1

Doll Museum

Studio Dolls DVD

Studio Dolls CD

English Sashas DVD

English Sashas DVD

Yazoo Front

Yazoo Back



Sasha Festival Souvenir Books

I have a couple of these which I was lucky enough to be given. Interesting information and a taster of what those lucky folk attending the festivals get up to.

Sasha Magazines Over the Years

Friends of Sasha

Friends of Sasha

Other Mag

Other Mag

Online Mag

Communities & Forums

Sasha Morgenthaler Doll 

Sasha group on Facebook. Wonderful. Very friendly atmosphere on this group.

Sasha Morgenthaler Doll

Sasha Clothing Patterns