Sasha Doll Style is Transforming

My goal with transforming the Sasha Doll Style website is to create an interesting, informative, inspirational Sasha site, that I hope you will enjoy visiting and will bring me back the pleasure that I used to have with my beautiful Sasha Collection.

After a lot of thought, I have decided that I want to find the fun, pleasure and excitement that I used to have when I first started collecting the Sasha Dolls and joined Sasha Mart and Sasha-L. To enable this I have moved Sasha Doll Style to a WordPress website which will give me much more flexibility.

I’ll be writing blog posts about my inspiration behind the Sasha doll collections and how I plan and make the sets for the stories and other Sasha related things that pique my interest.

Gregors garden 9

I’m recreating the Sasha Stories and there will be a couple of new ones, as my 8 year old niece recently pointed out to me, they have said coming soon for rather a long time now. So now, I am actually writing them! [Read more…]